7 Little Words

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7 Little WordsA lot of word puzzles and free crosswords are played by many people on a daily basis. They can be played online or downloaded and be played on a mobile device, making them appeal to even more people. One of the most played word puzzles is 7 Little Words, which does not involve any points – just the fulfillment of solving 7 mystery words. Guessing them can sometimes be easy, but it can also be difficult and frustrating. To win in this game, there are some tips you need to know.


7 Little Words Tips:

Limited options

Do not be daunted by the groups of letters you see. Remember that there are only 20 groups of letters to create seven words from, so you have to keep in mind that the choices are not infinite. With a finite number of options, it becomes easier to guess the mystery words. You can mix and match the different letter groups without worrying about a time limit as there is none.

Think of synonyms

You are given 7 short clues to guess the mystery words. If you are having trouble getting the right letter group combinations, think of synonyms or words that have a similar meaning with the word or words given in each clue. For example, the clue is “risky.” Think of other words that have more or less the same meaning as the clue: “grave,” “dangerous,” “unsafe,” “hazardous,” “threatening,” and a few more other related words. After determining these words, check the letter groups and see if any of them can be combined to form one of them.  Using your mental thesaurus can definitely help you guess the 7 mystery words.

Explore your stock knowledge

In 7 Little Words, there are some clues that are more than one word long and sometimes, using synonyms is not enough. Clues like “a color in a rainbow” or “a quiet place” require you to explore your mental encyclopedia. The first example is quite easy as you have only 7 colors to choose from, so you can easily start looking for the letter combinations that can form red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, or violet. The second example requires a little more digging of your stock knowledge or even memories and experience. Where do you usually go when you need some peace and quiet? Even if people have various answers to this question, the choices are still finite: the library, a church, a room, or a cemetery. Determine these words and find the letter combinations that correspond to one of them.

Ask help from others

As mentioned earlier, there are many people who play 7 Little Words, so there is a huge chance that you have family members and friends who also play the game. Cliché as is sounds, but two heads are better than one, so how much better would you be at this game if you have more than two heads working together? You can ask help from your family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, or colleagues in a variety of ways. First, you can directly ask them what the answer is if they have already encountered some of the clues. Second, if you do not want to easily know what the answer is, you can ask them to give you more clues instead. Lastly, playing 7 Little Words together can be a great way for you to bond with them and at the same time, guess the words correctly! It’s a fun way to connect with them as well as to learn more words together. You can do this during your free time or you can set a date and time for you to meet up to play the game. Or, you can play the game during reunions and use it as an ice breaker.


7 Little Words Cheats

Like many other games including free crosswords, answers to 7 Little Words are available online.  If you want to find the answers to the seven clues quickly, search for them on the Internet. A lot of sites have all the answers to the clues. Of course doing this defeats the purpose of playing the game, but if you want to move on to the next puzzle, then go ahead. However, make sure that you have exhausted all means of guessing the answers before resorting to this move.

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