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94 SecondsWord and trivia games are popular among people from different ages. One of the most played and most downloaded Android mobile games these days is 94 Seconds, a game that is like a mix of a trivia and word game. It is easy and fast to play because as the name says, you have only a minute and 34 seconds to input words depending on certain categories and letters.


94 Seconds Overview:

The game was developed and is updated by Scimob and debuted just early this year in February. Originally, it was just a single-player game, but a recent update has now made it a multiplayer game. You can now challenge random players or your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or even Google+ to guess the most number of words in 94 seconds. Each word will depend on a specific category and on just one letter. For example, you are asked to name a tree that begins with the letter C. You can answer coconut, chestnut, cypress, or any other tree that starts with C. To answer, you simply type the word and tap the validate button.


The scoring of 94 seconds does not depend on how fast you type an answer, but on how long and common the words you input are as well as correct word streaks. Common or most likely to be answered words are worth one point each, while longer and less frequently answered words are worth two points each. Bonus points are awarded when you get a certain number of correct answers in a row. The number of points for a chain bonus is as follows:

5 in a row: 1 bonus point

10 in a row: 5 bonus points

20 in a row: 20 bonus points

30 in a row: 50 bonus points

40 in a row: 120 bonus points

50 in a row: 200 bonus points

60 in a row: 300 bonus points

70 in a row: 500 bonus points

As listed, the bonus points increase as the chain of right answers increases. When you choose to pass or get an incorrect answer, no points are given.


A variety of categories are used in 94 Seconds and each category is more or less part of a person’s general knowledge. Some of the categories include countries, capitals, vegetables, clothing, sports, fruits, chemical elements, cities, car manufacturers, geometric shapes, colors, words from the dictionary, human body parts, music styles, etc. You can get even more categories when you opt to purchase them through the game’s currency called “chronos.” Extra category packs include kitchen, fashion, general knowledge, sports, daily life, history, and geography. Each pack has 3-5 categories and they cost from 150 to 250 chronos.


When you choose to pass, you can no longer go back to that category and 3 seconds will be deducted from your time. To help you score better, 94 Seconds has hints called “jokers.” There are 4 jokers you can choose from and each can be used only once per game. Using a joker decreases your chronos by 3.

The first joker is an open padlock with a +2 written on it. When enabled, this joker gives you several suggestions with the same beginning letter and category. Every correct answer will then be worth 2 points. The second joker looks like a pause button, but instead of pausing the game, it allows you to see the next letter and category, giving you some time to think of an answer. The third joker is a jester’s hat. It shows a correct answer and is very useful if you do not want to cut off a series of correct answers! The last joker is a list icon and when tapped, it shows four possible answers. Only one is correct, so this can be quite tricky.


With more chronos, you can use more hints and purchase category packs. Chronos can be bought with actual money through the game’s online store and they come in 200, 600, 1400, and 4000 packs. Whichever pack you purchase, you are assured that the advertisements will be deleted. You can also increase your chronos by downloading other sponsored applications, liking the Facebook fan page of 94 Seconds, and rating the game. In addition, you can also get free chronos by winning challenges and playing more games (every 10 games rewards you with 6 chronos).

If 94 seconds is too fast for you, you can always opt to play in relax mode, which also allows you to earn more chronos for every 10 words you correctly guess. 94 Seconds is definitely one of the Android mobile games you need to download. What are you waiting for? It takes less than 94 seconds to download it!

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