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Bananagrams TipsSo many people play Scrabble and it is one of the first word games people play. Its popularity has led to a variety of word game spinoffs that are just as fun, educational, and exciting. One of them is Bananagrams, which is like Scrabble minus the board. Because it doesn’t have a board, this game can be easily played anywhere! Bananagrams rules are also quite simple, so learning how to play it will never make you go bananas. So how can you win in this game more frequently? There are a lot of things you will need to keep in mind.


Flip over and arrange Bananagrams letters.

In Bananagrams, you begin by getting a certain number of letter tiles (the number depends on how many players are there) from a mother pile or bunch. The game begins when someone says “Split!” and you start flipping your tiles over. A good strategy is to already arrange them to form words as you flip them over instead of flipping all of them over first before forming words. This saves precious time and does not give your opponents some extra time to complete their word grids more quickly.

Assess your letters well.

When you see the letters you have, assess them. How many vowels do you have? How many are consonants? When there is a vowel-consonant imbalance, form words that are either vowel- or consonant-heavy, depending on the tiles you have. Balancing them will decrease the chances of remodeling your word grid later on.

Use the hardest letters right away.

When you get letters that are relatively difficult to use, do your best to use them right away. The quicker you “get rid” of them, the easier it gets for you to complete your word grid. Some of the letters that players consider difficult are J, Q, and X. It is advisable to expand your vocabulary with words that use these letters so you can play them easily. Letters like those are sometimes called “peel stoppers” but with a wide vocabulary, you can easily transform them to “peel bringers!”

Build longer words.

A good way to get your word building skills going is to form a long word when the game begins. One long word can pave the way to forming other words. This is because longer words provide more places for you to build words. Short words, particularly two-letter ones, are easy to form, but they can cause you to do a lot of remodelling later on since they provide fewer avenues to form words. Therefore, do not worry about opponents who say “Peel!” often or more quickly than you do as there is a huge chance that they’re only playing short words and will later on suffer from doing so.

Make an open grid.

In line with forming long words, you should also make sure to create an open word grid. This means, you should structure it in a way that allows you to form more words. For example, it is ideal to form your first word horizontally instead of vertically as the former allows easier formation of words with more directions.

Dump wisely.

In Bananagrams, you can swap one letter for three new ones by saying “Dump!” However, don’t give in to dumping right away because the letter you need may be the next one you will draw when someone says “Peel!” One of the most difficult letters to use is Q, especially when you don’t have a U, so you can either dump it or wait for a letter or letters that can form Q words that do not require a U. As a general guideline for dumping, only dump a letter if you are entirely sure that you cannot use it to form any word or if you cannot add it to the words you have already formed.

Study the dictionary.

Before playing Bananagrams, you and your opponents must agree on the dictionary you will use to check the validity of the words formed by a potential winner. In your spare time, you can learn and memorize words from the dictionary or dictionaries you usually use so that in the event that you exclaim “Bananas!” you are assured that all your words are valid, ensuring your win.


As with any other game, knowing the Bananagrams rules is the first step you should do to lead you to victory. If you play Scrabble often, you will definitely play Bananagrams as much because it is much faster to play.

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