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Bookworm CheatThese days, game cheats and walkthroughs are readily available thanks to the Internet. Their goal is of course to make you improve and win in any game you play. Included in the list of game cheats and walkthroughs are forms of Bookworm cheat. If you are starting to get frustrated with those fiery letters that never seem to stop coming and burning your letters, maybe it’s time for you to consider the use of some cheats. You do not have to use them all the time; you just need them to simply become a better Bookworm player.


Different Bookworm Cheats & Codes:

Keeping your high score

Sometimes, the Bookworm letter grid burns up quickly because of those letters on fire. You do not have to worry about losing your high score as those fiery letters consume your letter grid. As the letter grid explodes, quickly press the power button of your mobile device to restart the game. Doing this will simply reorder the tiles and will let you keep your existing high score! People have been known to score over 2 million points by doing this Bookworm cheat.


Bonus Bookworm words

To gain extra points, the game has certain Bookworm words in each level. If you find a bonus word, initially, you will receive an extra 1,000 points. The bonus points increase as you find more bonus words. These special words are under a variety of categories such as minerals, colors, body parts, clothing, vegetables, insects, and a lot more. You can find all the words for every category on the Internet, so you can study and memorize them for easier game play.


Finding letters

Because of the time limit when playing in action mode and the onset of fiery letters, people sometimes tend to panic and that causes a delay in finding the letters they need. The trick here is, instead of using your eyes, let your fingers do the work! Just hold the control key and press the letter you want (or need) to find. Doing this will save some precious time and hopefully keep you calm.


Special codes

These aren’t really types of Bookworm cheat, but they add fun and color to the Bookworm game! Bookworm features a green worm named Lex and when you type any of the special codes on the main menu, you can make him do something or change his look! The following is a list of some of the codes that will have an effect on Lex:

PIRATE – Lex dons pirate clothing.

GOBBLE – Lex grows a turkey tail as leaves fall and turkey feathers also appear.

LOVELY – Hearts surround Lex.

On the other hand, if you click Lex for a number of times, there will also be some effects. For example, if you click him once, he will hiccup. If you click him four times during a game, he will giggle. Clicking him 8 times, on the other hand, will make him sneeze.


Using these types of Bookworm cheats and codes will definitely make your gaming experience even more fun and exciting!

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