Bookworm Tips and Tricks

March 28, 2013 |

Bookworm Tips and TricksNowadays, the term “bookworm” doesn’t just refer to someone who is a devout reader. It is also a word game that’s like a combination of crossword puzzles and Scrabble. What makes Bookworm different and a little more exciting than other word games is the presence of fiery letters that need to be used to form a word before they burn other letters and the entire letter grid, ending the game. To continue playing and reaching the next levels faster, there are some tips and tricks you can use so you can have continuous Bookworm adventures.


Bookworm Strategies:

> Keep calm and don’t fret

Bookworm has two game modes: classic and action. When you’re playing in classic mode, there is no time limit, so you can take your sweet time in finding words that can result in better scores. The longer the words you find the better because the presence of special tiles will increase. These special tiles include green, gold, sapphire, and diamond tiles. Green tiles appear either at random or because of the formation of long words. However, even if they result in extra points, they aren’t that huge compared to the scores that the other special tiles yield. Usually, the three other special tiles appear when you are able to find five- or more letter words. There are no extra points given no matter how quickly a word is formed, so it’s really best to take your time in making a move.


> Seeing red

The game also has red fiery tiles, which must not reach the bottom of the grid. The longer they are present, the more letters they consume because every move makes them descend one level. Hence, every time red tiles appear, it is essential to think about the best moves to make before connecting letters. These tiles also appear more frequently as you progress to higher levels and when you come up with too many words that have only three letters. Moreover, red letters can also appear when only one tile is removed in a row. When you have more than one red fiery tile, determine which one must be used first, particularly the one that could result in a higher score.

Another thing to consider is the tile below a fiery red one. Regular tiles burn up as soon as the red ones descend, but the four special tiles take longer to burn, so you can prioritize using red tiles that are above regular ones. Some players try to maneuver the special tiles so that they end up at the bottom of the grid, creating a buffer of sorts in case a red tile finds itself near the bottom.

However, when you are playing in action mode, it is advisable to get rid of red tiles right away. Although you can still scramble letters even if red tiles reach the grid’s bottom in action mode, this feature is stopped if there are too many red letters present.


> Longer Bookworm words and higher-scoring letters

Don’t limit yourself to three-letter words. Go for words that end with “-ing” or “-tion” like “evaluating” or “evacuation. There are also words that end with “-er” and “-est” like “greater” and “greatest.” You can also take advantage of prefixes as long as the current letters allow you to. In addition, look for compound words like “baseball,” “bedtime,” or even “bookworm.”

Each letter has corresponding points. At the lower right portion of every tile, you will find a number of dots. The more dots on a tile, the bigger its point value is. Hence, it is a smart move msp hack generator to combine green, gold, sapphire, and diamond tiles with letters that have higher points as your score will increase greatly.


> Scramble

There will be times when you can’t seem to really find a word to form. During this situation, Lex, the green worm at the left side of the grid, can help you. Just click him to scramble the letters and hopefully, you can finally connect letters to form valid words. However, keep in mind that scrambling letters is also considered a move, and therefore, will still make red tiles descend one level.


>Find the bonus word

Another way to get a higher score is to get the bonus word which is located below Lex. Initially, a thousand points is added when you are able to find the bonus word. The bonus points increase with every bonus word you find.

Aside from all these tips, you might want to check out what Bookworm cheat can help you increase your score. This game is definitely one of the most exciting word games available, so make sure you utilize all this new information so you can fully enjoy your Bookworm adventures!

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