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Angry Words

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Angry WordsThe classic word game Scrabble has been played since the 1940s and has spawned a variety of other word games similar to it. One of these is Angry Words, and yes, letters and words are used in this game, not birds and pigs.


Overview of Angry Words

The game was developed by the Argentinian studio Etermax, known for creating various social games. Angry Words is also called Apalabrados, which comes from the Spanish word “apalabrar” that means “to arrange beforehand.”  And arranging letters to form valid words is what you mainly do in Angry Words. Instead of a physical game board and letter tiles like those used in Scrabble, Angry Words is played online through Facebook or a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.  It can be played on both iOS and Android devices. It was chosen as the best game in the Apple Store in 2012 and has been downloaded more than 8 million times. You can play it any time against your Facebook friends or random opponents online. You can play an unlimited number of games at the same time, so you won’t get bored while waiting for your other opponents to make their move. The game can be played in a variety of languages including English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, German, and Portuguese.


Playing the Game

Just like in Scrabble, you are provided with seven letters during most of the game. The letters you use to spell out words will be immediately replaced with fresh tiles until no more tiles remain in the mother pile or if you or an opponent quits the game.

You begin to form a word at the center of the board, utilizing the square marked with a star. Words can be formed horizontally or vertically, and you and your opponent take turns in playing. Additional words can be formed by attaching them to the words that are already on the board. Every time you play a word, press the play button, symbolized by the triangle with its tip pointing to the right.

There is an exchange button, symbolized by two encircling arrows. Use this to exchange tiles you dislike or those that you find difficult to dispose of. However, using this button is also considered a turn, so you will have to wait for your next turn to form a word.

Waiting for your opponent to play can take some time, but you can give him or her a reminder by sending a message. In fact, if you are both online, you can chat with each other while playing! If you don’t feel like chatting with anyone, you can also start a new game with another opponent by tapping the button with the plus sign. As mentioned earlier, the number of simultaneous games you play is infinite, so there are more chances for you to get your Angry Words fix and improve your game.



Every letter tile carries a certain point value. This point value depends on the frequency by which a letter is used, so the most common letters like the five vowels are worth a point each, while less frequently used letters have higher values. For example, C is worth 3 points, Y is worth 4, K is worth 5, while J is worth 8. The values of every letter used in a word will be added up, so the longer a word, the bigger your score may be.

However, short words can still result in high scores as long as the placement of your higher-scoring letter tiles is good. On the board, there are special squares that can double or triple the value of a letter or a word. For example, you play the word “jet.” If placed on regular squares, the word is worth 9 points. But if you are able to place the letter J on a triple letter square, its value becomes 24, and the total value of the word becomes 26. Or if any of the letters fall on a triple word square, the total word square will be 36 instead of just 9 points! You’ll also score more if your letters land on more than one special square!

You can also earn extra points if you are able to use all of your 7 letters in just one move! You will receive an extra 40 points for this, so better start learning many 7-letter words! Moreover, when the game ends and you win, you can even have additional points if your opponent has tiles remaining.

What are you waiting for? Go mad over Angry Words now!

Word Search

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Word Search for AndroidPlaying word games is a great way to pass the time, but at the same time to keep your brain sharp and improve your vocabulary. A simple yet colourful game is Word Search, which is pretty straightforward and very easy to play.


Word Search was created by Melimots. The letter grid of this game automatically adjusts depending on the device it is played on, so you need not worry about not being able to see the game properly whether you using a tablet or a smartphone. It does not have any flashy or fancy designs, but it can get really colourful as you start finding words and highlighting them. Below the letter grid you’ll see a list of words in alphabetical order. Those words are what you need to find in the grid.

How to Play

Game play is pretty straightforward: with your finger or stylus, drag the letters of the words you need to find. As you join them together, colourful highlighting happens and each word you find has a different color. So when you finish a game of Word Search, you’ll have a very colourful grid filled with hues like blue, red, pink, orange, green, purple, etc.

You can highlight words vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Some words are tricky to find because you’ll see them in reverse spelling, making you highlight them from the right of the grid to the left or from the bottom upwards. Moreover, some really short words can be found within longer words, so your eyes better be ready for searching them! Each time a word is found it will be scratched off and will be placed at the end of the list. You do not have to find the words according to their order on the list; you can search for them in any order you like.

The words you need to search for come from a wide variety of categories like animals, sports, science, adjectives, and a lot more. The number of categories seems endless! Plus, you do not need to feel any pressure or be daunted by the seemingly great number of words you need to find because there is no time limit! In fact, you can simply exit the game at any point even if you have not found all the words listed and continue searching for them at a later time.

When a game of Word Search ends, you will receive the message “Well done! You have completed this grid in (number) seconds.” The length of time spent completing the puzzle is measured in seconds, so don’t be alarmed if the number seems so big. Just divide the total by 60 to know how many minutes were consumed. In addition, when a game ends, a prompt will appear if your score is enough to reach the list of high scores. You will be asked to enter your name and it will be recorded by the game.

Game Settings

Like its game play, the settings of Word Search are also simple.

First, you can choose from 10 languages including two kinds of English (American and British), two kinds of Portuguese (Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese), German, Spanish, French, Italian, Netherlands, and Polish. With these many languages, you’re sure to enjoy the game wherever part of the world you’re in.

Second, you can pick the theme of the game: light or dark. If you pick the light theme, the letter grid will have a white background with black letters. If you choose to have the dark theme, the letters become white and the background becomes black. The colors of the highlighted words become slightly darker when you play in dark theme. If you’re not the type who’s into colors, you also have the option to play in grayscale.

Don’t worry about having difficulty in reading the letters on the grid. Part of the game’s settings is a 1 to five font size option, allowing you to easily adjust the letters’ size depending on your preference or eyesight. 1 is the smallest, while 5 is the biggest.

Lastly, if you wish to clear the high scores saved by the game, you can also do so in its settings.

There seems to be an infinite number of word games right now and picking which ones to download and play can be a fun task, especially if you include Word Search on your list of downloads. It is a simple yet fun and addicting game that will surely keep you busy.