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Words with Q

August 2, 2013 | | Add a Comment

Words with QIt is always good to discover new things. For wordsmiths, logophiles, and word game buffs, learning about rarely used words with Q and their definitions is like discovering an uncharted goldmine. Among the famous high profile word game buffs are US President Barack Obama (Scrabble), Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin (Words with Friends), and talk show host and celebrity chef Rachel Ray (Quordy).

For casual word game players, having a “Q” in their rack is a big pain in the neck. This is especially true if they do not have a letter U. The reason for this is that majority of the words with Q that has U are seldom used in the English language. In addition, many words beginning with Q are tongue-twisters. Thus, they are not used in casual conversations. In fact, the letter Q is considered to be the second least commonly used letter in the English alphabet. It is used less than 0.10% of the time in casual conversations. This makes words with Q particularly challenging to retain in one’s memory.

On the other hand, word game fanatics who have a good stock of words with Q up their sleeves would gladly have this letter. They know that, aside from having luck on their side, they can dominate and win a game by playing their Q words strategically. Below are words with Q that every word game player should know.

Do take note that some of the words below may not be found in Hasbro’s dictionary – the Merriam-Webster’s Official SCRABBLE® Players Dictionary, 4th Edition. Those words are not considered valid in Scrabble but are acceptable in other word games.


Words with Q Without U

Not many know that there are more than a dozen words with Q without U. These include the following:

mbaqanga – a variety of music of rural Zulu (South Africa) origin.

qabab – a grilled dish of marinated or seasoned meat of pork, beef, or seafood; commonly spelled as kebab.

qanat – an irrigation system used in hot climates, especially in the Middle East.

qepiq – a  monetary unit used in Azerbaijan.

qindar – a monetary unit used in Albania .

qorma – a dish curry variety; also spelled as korma.

qwerty – a term used for letter arrangements similar to that of a computer keyboard.


Two-Letter Q word

There is only one 2-letter Q word recognized in the English language.

qi – a life force of fire as believed by Chinese people.


Three-Letter Words with Q

qat – the buds and leaves of an evergreen shrub found in Africa and in the Middle East; alternative spelling of khat.

qin – a Chinese string musical instrument.

qis – plural form of qi.

qua – an adverb or preposition used to express ‘in the capacity of’ or “as”.

suq – a Muslim term for marketplace; a variant of souk.


Four-Letter Words with Q

aqua– a tasteless, transparent and odorless liquid (water).

qoph – the 19th letter in the Hebrew alphabet; a variant of koph.

quag – another word for quagmire; a marshy place.

quay – a place for landing; wharf; alternative spelling of quai.

quiz – a form of test to guage one’s knowledge in a particular area.


Five-Letter Words with Q

aquae – plural form of aqua; light blue-green color.

faqir – a religious Muslim who vows to live in poverty; fakir (alternate spelling).

maqui – an edible berry bearing shrub originating from Chile.

quads – plural form for quad which means muscles of the quadriceps.

queue – a line of people waiting for their turn or a tail of hair from the back of a person’s head.

talaq – a word that is uttered three times by a Muslim husband to repudiate his marriage to his wife.

tranq– alternate spelling of trank; a tranquilizing drug.


Six-Letter Words with Q

cazique – alternate spelling of cacique; Indian clan or Mexican tribe chieftain. In Scrabble history, this word was used in its plural form by Dr. Karl Khoshnaw in 1882 and it scored him a world-record score of 392 when he place it on two triple squares.

queazy – alternate spelling of queasy which means nauseating; earning a player of at least 27 points, this word is the highest-scoring six-letter word (provided there are no blanks, premium word squares, and parallels) in a turn.

quetzal – a monetary unit in Guatamela; this word earns a player 25 points – the second highest-score in a turn (provided there are no blanks, premium word squares, and parallels).


Letterpress Cheat

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Letterpress CheatIt did not take long for gamers and geniuses to design different Letterpress cheat websites, although they prefer to call themselves “help” sites, after Letterpress made a groundbreaking entry in the world of word games in the last quarter of 2012. Good proof that Letterpress became an instant hit to word game aficionados is the fact that the weekend after it was released Game Center (Apple’s platform for online social gaming) crashed – too many people were downloading and playing the Letterpress app.

Letterpress is a game created exclusively for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch by the world-famous Atebits 2.0 founder and app master Loren Brichter. If word games could be bred, then Letterpress could be considered as a crossbreed between two of the most popular word games – Boggle and Scrabble. What makes Letterpress more exciting than Scrabble, Boggle, and other word games is that it gives players the ability to steal points from their opponents.

The simplicity of how Letterpress is played and how engaging it is have turned casual word game players into addicts. To have an advantage over their opponents, many of them search for and use the best Letterpress cheat they could find. Below are some of the most visited Letterpress cheat sites.


Free Letterpress Cheat Sites

Mr. Anagrammer’s Letterpress Cheat Solver

Visit and you will find Mr. Annagrammer’s Letterpress cheat. This cheat site does not only help players get all the possible high-scoring words that can be derived from the letters on Letterpress’s 5×5 letter grid on a particular game; it also helps players find long words, steal their opponent’s tiles, and win the game.

How it works:

Once you are on the Mr. Annagrammer’s Letterpress Cheat solver page, you will find an empty 5×5 letter grid. Enter all the letters on the blank grid. You may start this by clicking the first box of the grid and typing the letters as they are found on your current game; then, click the solve button.  You will then be provided with all the words that you could possibly form from your letters.

With Mr. Anagrammer’s Letterpress Cheat solver, you can arrange your words in two ways – alphabetically or by length. Being able to arrange words alphabetically is an advantage since the letters in this game have no assigned value. This means longer words will get you more points.

What’s more? This solver has a “Must Contain Letters” feature that allows you to specify which letters you would like to find in the words they will provide. This feature is helpful in “stealing” your opponent’s letters and “locking up” a letter.


Letterpress Cheat

This Letterpress cheat, just like Mr. Anagrammer’s Letterpress Cheat solver, provides words which can be arranged alphabetically or by length. Unlike the first mentioned cheat, it does not have additional features.

How it works:

This Letterpress Cheat does not have a grid where letters are supposed to be keyed in. What it has is a search box where letters are keyed in. After clicking the “Search” button, two columns will appear. The first column (“Words”) contains the list of words that can be formed from the keyed in letters. The second column (“Length”) indicates the corresponding number of letters that each word in column 1 has. Click “words” if you want the words to appear in alphabetical order, click “Length” if you want the words to appear according to their length.



Paid Letterpress Cheat App: Cheaterpress

Hate having to key in the letters? Then, go to the App store and download Cheaterpress for $1. Those who have this app only need to upload a screenshot of the game in progress in Cheaterpress and after a few seconds they will have a list of words that are playable within the game.


WARNING: You need to use Letterpress cheats wisely. Regularly using words which you yourself could not believe that they exist and consecutively keying in 10 of the top 200 longest words produced by your Letterpress cheat in a match are dead giveaways.