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Crossword CoveThese days, crossword puzzles are no longer found in just newspapers; they can easily be played on the Internet! Finding crosswords online is not a difficult thing to do, so you can play right away. If you don’t know which crosswords to play, you should try Crossword Cove.

Overview of Crossword Cove

The game is one of the many you can play online thanks to You can play the puzzle of the day or one of the 90 free crossword puzzles available at any time. However, Crossword Cove isn’t just your ordinary crossword game; it has some special twists added by Pogo.

How to play

Unlike other crosswords, the clues of the words you need to guess aren’t in a separate section that can be read right away. Instead, you first have to click on a square to choose a clue. To switch between the Across and Down clues, you just click on the same square or use the space bar. However, if you are used to seeing the clues in a separate location, you can do so. You have the option to have an expanded clue list on the screen. Switching the view of this expanded clue list can be done by using the rotate button. You can view it either side by side or top and bottom.

If you already know the answer or you just want to guess, type your answer or guess. To modify or delete letters, you can use either the backspace key or the delete button.

On a Crossword Cove grid, there are stars in some of the boxes. These stars are powerups that you can collect by correctly answering their corresponding crossword clues. Once a star powerup is collected, it will be saved at the powerup counter. If you choose to use a star powerup, once activated, it will show you the letters that are most common in your current puzzle.

Need more help? You can use the hint button to see the answer of a clue, but the letters are jumbled. You can rearrange them to help you guess the answer. If the hint button isn’t enough to help you out, it will be replaced with the solve button. Clicking the solve button will reveal the right answer and will be automatically typed in its respective boxes.

When you have finished a puzzle or if you already want to quit, click the all done button. To know your final score, click the submit button. If you want to know your errors, click the check answers button. If you need a break from puzzle solving, just click the save button and you can play your saved game at any time you wish.

Scoring and bonuses

Depending on the difficulty level of a puzzle, the starting score of each letter can be 12, 15, or 18 points. If you use the hint button, you only get half of your intended score. On the other hand, if you use the solve button you don’t get any points.

There are different ways of acquiring bonuses. Upon completion of a puzzle, you get 300 tokens. If you complete a puzzle in less than 15 minutes, you also get 300 tokens. The more star powerups you save in the powerup counter, the more tokens you get. An unused powerup will result in an extra 100 tokens. The fewer hints you use, the more tokens you also get, and this can range from 0-500. If no hints are used, you automatically get 500 tokens. If you are able to finish the featured puzzle of the day, you get 200 tokens.

Challenge yourself

Another difference of Crossword Cove from other usual crossword puzzles is you can customize some of its features. You can choose the level of your puzzle, starting with easy and working your way to the more difficult levels, or you can head straight on to the harder levels first if you really want to challenge yourself. You also have the option to keep the timer on or off. If you don’t want any pressure, then turn the timer off. However, you get bonuses every time you complete puzzles quickly.

Ranks and badges

Pogo games allow you to earn ranks and badges, and Crossword Cove is no exception. Earning them can motivate you to play more games and improve your scores.

Whether you’re a crossword aficionado or someone who simply wants to experience playing a different kind of crossword puzzle, Crossword Cove is what you should try.

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