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DropWordsPlaying word games online is one of the best activities to pass the time and improve your vocabulary. One of the available word games online is DropWords, which is like a combination of Bookworm, Scrabble, and the Boggle game. So how is it played? It’s actually really straightforward and easy!


Technically, it isn’t words that drop on a grid that has 6 columns and 5 rows. Letters are actually “dropped” every time you are able to find and form words. You need to form words using adjoining letters. You can assemble words diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. To form words, you can either drag letters and they are automatically submitted or click them individually in sequence and then click the submit button.

The game has two dictionaries: Scrabble and Webster’s. The Scrabble dictionary accepts over 114, 000 two- to eight-letter words, which include US and UK spellings. Plurals are accepted, but proper nouns are not. The second dictionary is based on the second edition of the Webster’s New International Dictionary. Some proper nouns are acceptable, while some Scrabble-specific words are not. Regardless of these restrictions, having both dictionaries allow you to form over 150, 000 words!

Dropwords also features a variety of game modes to choose from that have time limits ranging from 20 seconds to five minutes.  Every valid word formed adds one to a few seconds to your remaining time. This time bonus will depend on the letters used, the game mode you’re in, and the length of the word.

Other features include its discard and shuffle buttons. If you have difficulty finding words, you can shuffle the letters or discard all of them to get a new set of letters.

Dropwords Scoring

You’ll find your current score at the upper right corner of the screen, while the current time remaining is displayed as a bar on the upper left side.

When you’re playing in normal mode, the longer the words you find, the bigger your time and score bonuses will be. You get bigger multipliers with longer words:  x1 for 2-3 letter words, x1.5 for 4-letter words, x2 for 5-letter words, x3 for 6-letter words, x5 for 7-letter words, and x10 for 8-letter words.

Forming a 4-letter word will garner you a combo multiplier bonus that falls on a random location in the grid. When you use this combo multiplier in another word, you’ll get another one. Regardless of how long a word is, when you use a combo multiplier, you get score and time bonuses.  If it is not used, you will lose it and you will only have another one when you assemble a new 4-letter word. You will also lose it if you click the discard button.

Game modes

Aside from normal mode, there are other modes to choose from: hard, lightning, blocker, relax, and untimed.

In normal mode, you have at least two minutes to form as many words as you can. As stated earlier, you get higher scores and additional seconds for longer words. The game has a gentle, gradual increase in difficulty.

Like to challenge yourself? Then go for the hard mode, which only gives you a minute and 30 seconds to find words. It also has a more challenging difficulty progression.

If you want a longer game, go for the relax mode because you are given five minutes to form words.

Are you the type who wants a really quick game just to jumpstart your day or brain when bored? Dropwords has a lightning mode that is limited to only 20 seconds! You can challenge yourself by trying to add more seconds to your time through very quick word formations!  This mode is ideal for those who just want to find words quickly rather than finding long words.

Another challenging mode is the blocker mode. You have two minutes to find words, but every new word you submit results in not just new letters but letters that are blocked. These letters are in cages, making them unusable. The blocked letters vary and are found in random locations. They also increase in number as the game progresses.

Finally, you have the untimed mode, which is perfect for those who just want to enjoy the game without any restrictions! You can let children play in this mode as it is a good way for them to get interested in learning new words.

You now have an alternative to playing a Boggle game or Bookworm, thanks to DropWords. It’ll be hard to drop your phone when playing this game!

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