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HangarooHangman is one of the classic word-guessing games, and the Hangaroo game is based on Hangman. Hangaroo has an entertaining talking kangaroo and a colourful interface that makes it appealing to both the young ones and the young once.


Playing a Hangaroo game is very easy. You simply have to guess words or phrases from various categories. You are given a limited number of guesses and you can only pick one letter per guess. You have to get the answer before you run out of guesses because if you don’t, the kangaroo gets hanged!

Differences from Hangman

Even if Hangaroo is an offspring of Hangman, they do have some differences.

The first obvious difference is instead of a man, a talking kangaroo is used. Unlike the man in Hangman, this kangaroo is not silent; it utters different things when you get a right or wrong letter. Some of them include the following:




“Good job!”

“Don’t make me bust out my kung-fu!”

“Oh, yeah!” or just “Yeah!”

“Oh, boy.”

“Thanks a lot there, Einstein!”

“Do you have something against kangaroos?!”

“Isn’t it time for you to get back to that side show? Freak!”

“(incorrect letter)? Oh, good job, chief!”

“(incorrect letter)? You do know how to spell, right?”

“You’re not helping me much there, buddy!”

“Are you stupid or something?”

“Ah, you did read the rules, right?”

It is really entertaining to hear the kangaroo speak, and it’s one of the reasons why the game appeals to people of all ages. The kangaroo also does different gestures like giving you a thumbs-up, smiling widely, frowning, raising his hands, covering his ears, etc. In addition, the kangaroo is already complete when the game begins, so no drawing is involved, unlike in Hangman where every part of the gallows and the doomed man are drawn for each wrong guess made. The game ends when the drawing is complete.

Another difference is that in Hangman, players usually guess only one word. In Hangaroo, the guessing game has a vaster scope: you can guess book or movie titles, authors, quotes, television shows, constellations, cast members of a show, popular sayings or phrases, and many more. With so many categories, the fun can almost be endless!

A third difference is Hangman does not have levels; you either guess the word or not and then move on to another guessing game. Hangaroo challenges you to get more correct answers because you progress to other levels as you reach a certain number of right answers. When you complete all levels, you not only win, you also get to save the kangaroo!

Lastly, Hangman is normally played with a pen or pencil and paper. Everything is done manually – the drawing of the man and the gallows, the blanks, and the letters guessed. Hangaroo, however, is more up to date: you can play it online or download it as one of your apps on your mobile phone or tablet. It also has sound and visual effects that Hangman does not have, so it is not surprising for Hangaroo to be easily liked by many people.

How to play and scoring

As mentioned earlier, it is very easy to play Hangaroo. You simply have to click a letter from the alphabet above the words or phrases you need to guess or you can just type the letters you wish to guess. If you guess correctly, the letters will automatically appear in their respective blanks. An incorrect guess will warrant a red X, which will also be seen above the alphabet. 4 incorrect guesses will strike you out of the game, so make them count!

You are not given points for every correct guess you make; in fact, there is no scoring in Hangaroo. You just get to move on the next level where more puzzles await and hopefully save the kangaroo!

Hangaroo today

An updated version of the game has over 120 categories and 8,500 items to guess! A lot of them have interesting trivia, making room for more “did you know” facts into a player’s general knowledge. Moreover, the game can now be customized with your own word lists and categories, making it an even more fun game!

Whether you want to test your word-guessing skills or your general and stock knowledge, Hangaroo can allow you to do either in a fun and entertaining way! You have a talking kangaroo to cheer or jeer you on, making the game more interesting. Even if you get annoyed at the sometimes sarcastic kangaroo, you’ll still want to save it!

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