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MoxieLooking for a different kind of word game that is both fun and challenging? Then Moxie is what you should play! You can play Moxie online or on your iPad or iPhone, making it a really accessible game. It has simple rules and is easy to play, but at the same time, it can also challenge and test your word-building skills.

The Basics of Moxie:


In the original Moxie game, you are presented with a grid that has 3 rows with five boxes per row. One by one, you will be presented with a letter, which you can choose to play or pass. The main goal is to use the given letters to create legitimate words across the grid only (from left to right). This means you cannot form words vertically or diagonally.

Moxie letters

In the initial version of Moxie, there are 52 letters, which will be given one by one. Every letter carries a certain point value, and the less frequently used letters have higher point values. For example, the letters X and Z are worth 10 points, while Q is worth 20. You can place the letters on a blank box or use them to replace other letters to form new words.

When you opt not to use a letter, you will not be able to access it again. Hence, use the higher scoring letters as much as possible, as soon as they are made available.


There are a number of ways to score points when playing Moxie. You can form unique words with the letters as long as they are valid. By unique, it means you have to play words only once. If you repeat a word, you will not be penalized, but you will also not get any points. You can also create new words by adding or replacing a letter. For example, you have already played the word “ban.” If the letter D comes up, you can add it here to form “band.” If the letter E comes up, you can replace D with it and form the word “bane.” Another way to gain points is to create special Moxie words. These words depend on the Moxie theme you’re playing like animal, vegetable, or mineral. You are given bonuses for each special Moxie word you play, depending on how long they are. You are rewarded an extra 100 points for 3-letter words, 200 for 4-letter words, and 300 for five-letter words. If you’re up for a challenge though, you can choose not to form these words and determine what your current vocabulary level is.

The more often you are able to use letters with bigger point values, the better your score will be. A new word is scored by adding up every letter’s point value and multiplying the sum with the number of the letters in the word. For example, you played the word “cut.” C and T are worth 3 points each, while U is worth 5. Add them up and you get 11, then multiply that by 3 and you get 33 points for that word.

On the upper left side, you’ll be able to view your score. You’ll also be able to view your game statistics, such as the best word you’ve played, number of twaddles and Moxie words you’ve formed, and the type of game you are playing (like the various themes of Moxie words). You can also monitor the number of letters remaining in the same location.


Guessing can sometimes pay off, but it is not advisable when playing Moxie. If you play an invalid word, you create a Twaddle, which penalizes you by deducting 30 points from your score. Hence, you are encouraged to improve your vocabulary to make sure that you create valid words so you can have a better score in Moxie.

Moxie 2

This second version features a bigger grid with more letters – you can now form 6-letter words with 64 letters. It also has an undo feature. In addition, you can also complete the Daily Challenge, which begins the game with three pre-determined words on the grid. These words change on a daily basis.

Whether you’re playing Moxie or Moxie 2, this word game is undoubtedly unique, challenging, and fun. What makes it even more compelling to play is the fact that there is no time limit; hence, you can play as fast as you want or take your time to form words. Playing Moxie online or on your handheld device is truly a great way to exercise your vocabulary and even learn new words.

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