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Words with FriendsIf you love Scrabble, then you’ll also love the game Words with Friends. You’ll probably prefer it more because of its biggest selling point: it is an online game that allows you to both play and chat with your friends. Hence, you can easily play it anytime, anywhere as long as you have a good Internet connection. And as stated in its name, it is enjoyable because you can play it with your friends or even with random people. In fact, it’s become so popular all over the world that you’ll even find tons of Words with Friends Cheats online. Now, if you don’t know how Words with Friends is played, read on.


General Overview and Objective

The rules for Words with Friends are easy enough to understand. You and your opponent take turns in forming words on the board. Words can be placed either vertically or horizontally. You have seven letters at your disposal, with the goal being to score as many points as possible, depending on the point value of each letter used. 104 tiles are used and divided between the two players. To start a game, you can search for a random opponent, find a Facebook contact that also plays the game, or learn the usernames of your friends.


Tile Location and Word Formation

One of the letters of the first word must be placed on the star found on the board’s center. The next words should be placed in a way that at least one of the letters is shared with previous words. Multiple words can be formed in one move as long as neighboring letters are used and no illegal words are formed. A lot of words are acceptable, even those with a foreign origin. Obsolete, archaic, slang, and even colloquial words can be used. Words with Friends does not allow the use of abbreviations, prefixes, and suffixes that are on their own as well as proper nouns and words that need an apostrophe or a hyphen.


Words with Friends Scoring

Words with friends scoring will definitely exercise your addition and multiplication skills. As stated earlier, each of the 104 tiles have certain point values. Vowels and other commonly used letters are worth a point, while less frequently used letters have values ranging from 2 to 10 points. The longer a word, the bigger your points will be.

However, if you would like to score even greater, you have to place your tiles strategically on certain squares – those that can double or triple the value of a letter or a word. Use words with letters of higher value falling on Double Letter (DL) or Triple Letter (TL) squares to score better. For example, even if your next move involves only a two-letter word like “Za,” if you are able to legally place the letter “Z” in a TL square, instead of just 11 points (Z is worth 10 points, while A is worth 1 point), you will get 31 points. When two DL or TL squares are used in one word, double or triple the value of both letters on those special squares. For Double Word (DW) or Triple Word (TW) squares, add up the total value of a word and then double or triple it.

Sometimes, one move can result in multiple words. When this happens, score the words separately, along with bonuses if applicable, and then get the sum of each word’s total. However, when tiles on DL, TL, DW, and TW squares have been used and computed in a previous play, you can no longer use them again.

On some occasions, all seven letters can be used in one move. Aside from the total value of the word, an additional 35 points will then be awarded to the player.


Ending Words with Friends

The rules for Words with Friends when it comes to ending it are straightforward. When a player uses up all the letters on his or her rack and no more tiles can be drawn, the game will end. Another reason for a game to end is when no scoring occurs for three successive turns (for example, when players pass their turns three consecutive times). When the last letter has been used, the player with the higher score wins. In addition, the remaining letters of the opponent will be summed up to be added to the winner’s total score, while the same value will be deducted from his or her score.

A game like Words with Friends is definitely a good way to have fun, expand your vocabulary, connect with friends, and even find new ones. Your smartphone won’t be complete until you download this game!

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