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Letterpress Game Tips and TricksThere are so many gaming apps these days and each of them requires certain strategies for you to become a more skilful player which ultimately results in more wins.  The game Letterpress is no exception when it comes to this. The Letterpress game can get highly “territorial” as a player needs to protect his or her letters from his or her opponent. To win at this game, you can apply a variety of tips and tricks.


Lettrepress Game Overview

Contrary to its name, this game does not involve printing.  The Letterpress game involves two players who take turns in playing words within a 5×5 letter grid and are assigned a color. Letter distinction is made by the colors you and your opponent have been assigned: the letters you use will change to your assigned color.  The twist in the game is that you have the ability to steal your opponent’s points by reusing the letters they’ve already used to create words. When you are able to do this, points will be docked from your opponent. With this in mind, you should know that there are different ways to keep winning at this game.


Tip#1: the longer, the better.

In the Letterpress game, the longer the word formed, the more points a player gets because each letter used is equivalent to one point. So the more letters your word has, the more points you get. Therefore, it is advisable to learn as many long words as you can. You can search for five-letter words or longer online or in a dictionary and keep them in mind when playing Letterpress.

You need to have a good eye when forming words and make sure that the words you form do not open an opportunity for your opponent to make them longer. For example, you see that you can form the word “pant.” Make sure that there is no adjacent S or E and D. If there is, form the word “pants” or “panted” instead so your opponent will not have the chance to do so.


Tip #2: protect your letters.

As mentioned earlier, at the start of the Letterpress game, you and your opponent are assigned certain colors, usually blue and red. So when you’re assigned blue, the letters you use to form words will then turn blue. However, your opponent can steal your letters, particularly those that are not “protected.”

To protect some of your letters, the trick is to surround them with letters of your color. Protected letters have a darker shade, while those that protect it have a lighter shade of your assigned color. If your opponent wants to claim your protected letters, he or she will have to claim the surrounding letters first, which can take quite some time since you take turns in playing, plus there are only 25 letters on the grid.

Protecting your letters will ultimately protect your points because every letter that your opponent steals results in points deducted on your end. Likewise, if you are able to steal your opponent’s letters, you will earn more points while his or her score will decrease.


Tip #3: block the grid corners.

When protecting letters, the best thing to do first is to block the corners of the letter grid as they are the easiest to claim. You need only three letters to block each corner and once you secure them, you usually “own” them until the game ends. You can also begin expanding your “territory” from the corners by joining them together through the sides, slowly inching your way towards the middle of the letter grid.


Tip #4: keep your vowels.

Vowels are prized letters in the Letterpress game as they are sparingly present and most players usually form words that have vowels in them. Hence, it is important to use them wisely and protect them as much as you can. Also, steal your opponent’s vowels whenever possible.


Tip #5: combine words and tactics.

Ultimately, playing the game Letterpress requires a combination of good word-building skills and knowing how to protect letters as well as when to give them up. Securing a win doesn’t just involve playing really big words or going in for the kill right away; you have to learn to dance around a bit by stealing some of your opponent’s letters, losing some of yours, stealing again, and losing again, until you reach the moment where you can make a move that will lead you to victory.


Undeniably, the Letterpress game is one of the gaming apps you should have on your device!

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