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LexulousPlaying word puzzles like crosswords is a good way to keep your brain sharp and improve your vocabulary. In addition, you can play many of them against your family or friends, which is a good way to bond with them. One of the classic and most played word puzzles is Scrabble which has spawned similar games including the fun crossword game Lexulous.

History of Lexulous

Lexulous was formerly called Scrabulous, a game developed and run by an Indian company of the same name under the supervision of the brothers Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla. The brothers, having won a lot of Scrabble tournaments, felt that the classic game should have a site where it can be played for free.

At first, the site the brothers created was called BingoBinge in 2005. On July 5, 2006, the site was renamed Scrabulous which then became a popular Facebook application in 2007. However, in 2008, because of some lawsuits involving copyright infringements particularly because of its resemblance to Scrabble, the game was removed from Facebook and the Scrabulous site was also taken down. Later on, the Delhi High Court granted the company to reinstate the game online, but under a different name. Hence, on September 27, 2008, the new website was launched with the name Lexulous and, in January 2009, the game also returned to Facebook. It has an average of at least half a million Facebook users per month.

How to play

First, you need to choose what kind of game you’d like to play: online or offline. If you play it online, you can sign in with your Facebook account, your email, or even your phone contacts. Using your Facebook account to play the game means your opponents will be your friends. If you use your email, you will be asked for a username and password and Lexulous will create an account for you. If you play the game offline, you will be presented with three options: play against your device (the AI), yourself (solitaire), or against an opponent (play and pass). If you choose the latter two, you will be asked to choose the dictionary you prefer: US or UK English, French, or Italian.

Whichever mode you pick, the first player (usually you go first), needs to begin forming a word that will include the star in the center of the board. Depending on your location or the version of the game you’re playing, you can have either 7 or 8 letter tiles. On the game’s website, players outside Canada and the US have 7 tiles. Words can be formed horizontally and vertically, and whether you are playing against an opponent or yourself, you take turns in making a move.

A total of 88 (including two blanks that can stand for any letter) tiles are available and with each move you make, fresh tiles will appear on your rack. To form a word, drag the letters on the grid, although this is usually necessary for just the first few letters of a word because once the game identifies the direction of your move, all you need to do is tap the remaining letters and they will automatically be included in the word you are forming. To submit your word, tap the play button.

If you can’t seem to find a word to form, you can either swap or pass. You can swap all of your tiles if you wish. Whether you swap or pass, a prompt will appear asking you if you’re sure about your decision or if you would like to cancel it. You can also check the validity of a word before playing it by doing a dictionary search. In addition, the remaining tiles of the game including their amount can be viewed, so you can make strategic moves.

The game ends when one player uses up all of his or her tiles and the one with the higher score wins. A game will also end if both players pass twice in a row.


Each letter tile has a corresponding point value which can be seen on the actual tile and the values range from 1 to 12 points. The total value of a word is determined by getting the sum of the letters’ point values.

Although longer words are helpful, sometimes, short but strategically formed words can also yield big points. There are special coloured squares on the board that can significantly increase your score especially when letters with high point values are placed on them. These either double or triple your word or letter score. The letters Q and Z are worth 12 points each, so if you are able to place them on a triple letter square, their value alone becomes 36 points!

When a game ends, you can earn additional points if you win against your opponent because the sum of his or her remaining tiles will be added to your total score.

Lexulous is a game that can greatly improve your Lexicon and its letter tiles have higher values compared to other word games. Not many word games can be played online and offline, and that makes this game more appealing. It also has plenty of options as to who your opponent will be, including yourself!

Words with J

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Words with JDid you know that the last letter added to the alphabet was the letter J? Thanks to the Italian Renaissance grammarian named Gian Giorgio Trissino (aka father of the letter J) words with J started to exist. The letter J was originally not a letter at all. It was used simply as a finishing letter to Roman numerals ending in “I”. It was not until 1524 when both I and J were distinguished from each other.

Funny words with J


The word is actually from a nonsensical poem “Jaberwocky” which is a sequel of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Based on the literary piece from which it was derived, jabberwocky means nonsense, babble, or gibberish. Its meaning comes from the way it was used in the poem itself. Over time, jabberwocky gained several meanings and has been widely used in famous literary pieces and adapted in various media and entertainment forms.


No factual or scientific data is available to describe a jackalope since it is a mythical creature from North American folklore. It is described as a mammal that resembles a jackrabbit but with horns. It was claimed to have existed during the 1800 and became extinct a decade or so before the year 1900.


Derived from the German language, katzenjammer is one of the words with J that refers to an animal sound, specifically the sound produced by a wailing cat. It may also mean a depressing state of emotion or may be associated with a hangover as result of alcohol.


In the world of word games, the letter J is one of the valuable and scarce letters. For instance, the value of the letter J in Hasbro’s Scrabble is 8 (2nd highest value) while it is 10 (highest score) in Bertheussen IT’s Wordfeud and Zynga’s Words with Friends. A comprehensive list of non-proper noun words with J is clearly very useful to Scrabble, Wordfeud, and Words with Friends players.

List of Words with J

Two-Letter words with J

JA and JO are the only valid 2-letter words with j.

JA is the German form of yes. Although ja is a valid word in the international tournament play, it is not found in Merriam-Webster’s Official SCRABBLE® Players Dictionary, 4th Edition.

JO is another word for sweetheart, darling or beloved one. Its plural form is “joes” and it traces its origin back to the Scots.

Add “Y” to JA and JO and you will form “jay” and “joy.” These two high-scoring words can become more high-scoring when you use them to make parallel plays (forming words parallel to each other).

Three-Letter words with J

HAJ, RAJ and TAJ are the only valid 3-letter words ending with j.

HAJ is an Arabic word which means “pilgrimage.” HAJ is a variant of hadj and hajj.

RAJ is a Hindi word. Among its synonyms are rule, govern, and sovereignty.

TAJ is of Persian and Arabic origins. It means “crown” or “crest”. In Muslim countries, it is the term used to refer to the tall, canonical (sometimes curved) caps distinctively worn by male and female Muslims. The Taj Mahal in India is the most well-known and photographed mausoleum in the world.

There are 22 more valid 3-letter J words, these are JAB, JAG, JAM, JAR, JAW, JAY, JEE, JET, JEU, JIB, JIG, JIN, JOB, JOE, JOG, JOT, JOW, JOY, JUG, JUN, JUS, and JUT.

Four-Letter words with J

JINX, JOKY and JEUX are J words that would assure you of at least 18 points each time you play them (provided you are using no blanks).

JINX may mean “to bring bad luck” but playing the word “jinx” definitely means good fortune to the player.

JOKY is an adjective used to describe something or someone funny. Its variant is jokey.

JEUX is the plural form of the French word jeu – “game”.

Five-Letter words with J

Ten of the highest-scoring 5-letter words with J are JACKY, JIFFY, JIMMY, JEMMY, JUMPY, JOKEY, JUNKY, JIMPY, JAMMY and JERKY.

JACKY and JIFFY, without blank tiles; these two words are worth at least 21 points each. JACKY, written in lowercase, is another word for sailor. Native Australians are collectively called Jacky or Jackie (with letter J written in uppercase). JIFFY, the origin of this word is uncertain. Its synonyms include instant, second, and flash.

The following words are worth at least 19 points each: JIMMY, JEMMY, JUMPY, JOKEY, JUNKY, JIMPY, JAMMY and JERKY. JIMMY (US) and JEMMY (British) both refer to a crowbar used to forcibly open doors.

Six-Letter words with J

MUZJIK, BANJAX and HIJACK are the top 3 highest scoring 6-letter J words. MUZJIK is worth at least 28 points, while the remaining two are each worth 22 points.

MUZJIK or muzhik is a Russian word for “peasant”. Muzjiks, JOUSTED, JUKEBOX and FLAPJACK are words with J which are in HowStuffWorks.com’s list of 20 words a scrabble player must know.