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Ruzzle TipsIf you’re looking for a quick but fun and exciting word game, Ruzzle is what you should play! The Ruzzle game is one of the word games for Android, and it is also compatible with iOS devices. After six months in the market, the Ruzzle game became the most downloaded app in America. With over 10 million players from various countries playing against each other, it’s not surprising that many are looking for Ruzzle tips and strategies to help them improve their scores and their rank.


9 Ruzzle Tips & Tricks You Should Know:

  • Start with the basics

In most word games, the priority is to find or create longer words as much as possible. However, one of the basic Ruzzle tips is to find shorter words first, such as the base form of words or singulars. Chances are, once you find those short two- or three-letter words, they will lead you to longer words.  Finding them will help you quickly become quite familiar of what letters are present on the grid, making it easier to find longer words.

  • Know the different versions of a word

It would help to have an extensive knowledge of nouns and verbs because such words are the most usual ones found on a Ruzzle grid. When you find a singular noun, you will most likely find an “s” or an “-es” near it, allowing you to find more words. Or, when you find a verb in base form, for example, “die,” try to find its singular form “dies” and its past tense form “died.”

  • Invert words

There are words that can usually be played in reverse order. For example, “bin” and “nib,” “pit” and “tip,” “part” and “trap,” and many others. Finding such words will help in increasing your score, so keep an eye out for them!

  • Be systematic

One of the most strategic Ruzzle tips is to find words in a certain order. You can mentally divide the grid into quadrants and determine your starting point. Do you wish to begin in the upper left part of the grid or lower left? Depending on your preference, employing this strategy can help you make the most of the time limit you are given.

  • Use letters with higher point values

If you wish to earn huge points even for forming short words, you’ll need to find words with letters that will earn you bonus points. The bonus variables are DL for double letter, TL for triple letter, DW for double word, and TW for triple word. These letters either double or triple the value of a letter or a word. Concentrating on those marked letters increases your score exponentially, especially when you use them to form longer words.

  • Don’t waste time

You only have two minutes to find as many words as you can so if you can’t seem to find a word you know, it won’t hurt to just guess. Luck plays a part here and guessing can actually pay off at times, especially if you can’t find any word at the moment. You can also learn new words when you guess. You’ll be surprised at how many words you can form by following this tip. Moreover, swiping seemingly random letters can also improve your hand speed. It is also helpful if you can form words as soon as you see them because you may forget them as the game progresses.

  • Stay focused!

As mentioned earlier, you only have two minutes per round to search for words on a Ruzzle grid. Therefore, you should remain focused and stay away from distractions. Make sure that you are not doing other things while playing because every second counts. It’s a good idea to finish all your tasks before playing Ruzzle. You cannot pause the game except when you receive a call, so swipe away!

  • Study your statistics

It may sound hard core, but hey, being competitive means you have to be aware of your statistics! Taking time to look at them will let you know the points you need to improve on as well as whether the Ruzzle tips you apply are working.

  • Exchange Ruzzle tips with your friends

Even if they are your opponents, playing Ruzzle with your friends is actually a great way to learn more Ruzzle tips. They may have strategies that you have yet to learn, and playing with them often is also a way to practice the game. In addition, it is easier to do now since you can start games with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

In case you find yourself still struggling to win despite all these tips, you can choose to use a Ruzzle cheat to help you win more games and possibly even learn some strategies to help your gameplay.

Ruzzle is definitely one of the best word games for Android, and it can even be a more rewarding experience when you apply various Ruzzle tips and strategies.

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