Scrabble Cheat

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Scrabble Cheat

There is a saying that cheaters never win, but oftentimes, the opposite happens. Cheating happens in almost every game and that includes Scrabble. Sometimes, a Scrabble dictionary seems to be against the Scrabble words you perform, so using a Scrabble cheat or two may become necessary. There are a lot of sites that allows you to cheat, but also aims to improve your game so you will no longer need them in the future.


Two Types of Scrabble Cheat:

Scrabble Word Finder

This is a popular Scrabble helper because of its expansive dictionary. Depending on the site, a Scrabble Word Finder can allow you to enter up to 12 letters. It will then generate all the possible words you can form with the letters you enter. You can even enter up to two blanks or wildcards by typing a question mark or simply pressing the space bar to represent a wildcard. Wildcards will also be included in the generation of words even if they can represent any letter, making the list of possible words even longer.

Scrabble cheat sorter

A more organized Scrabble cheat is a sorter site, which allows you to enter letters with various parameters.

First, you can choose the dictionary you want to use to generate words from. The three most common ones are TWL98, TWL06, and SOWPODS. TWL stands for Tournament Word List, while SOWPODS is a derivation of the original dictionaries used in Scrabble, OSPD and OSW – Official Scrabble Players Dictionary and Official Scrabble Words (The Chambers Dictionary). With these dictionaries to choose from, expect more than enough words to fulfil your Scrabble cheat needs as each Scrabble dictionary has more than a hundred thousand words.

Second, you can choose to enter specific letters on certain locations. For example, with this Scrabble solver, you can input letters that can be found in the beginning or end of words. This parameter is useful when you want to put a specific letter on a double- or triple-word or letter tile. In addition, to narrow down the results, you can also input the letters in between the beginning and end letters. You also have the option to have the letters in any order if you want to have a longer list of generated words.

Lastly, you can also sort words by their length or value. For the length, some sites even have lists of words depending on the number of letters they have: two, three, four letters, and so on. This can be useful if you want to form a bingo – using all seven letters on your Scrabble rack in just one move. If you’re the type who prioritizes value over length, then you can also sort the words based on how many points they yield. Opting for this Scrabble cheat parameter can significantly increase your score as well as your chances of winning.

Scrabble Cheat Board

Aside from just finding words to build from the letter tiles currently on your rack, there are also Scrabble cheats that help you figure out not only what high scoring words to build but also where to place it on the board. The Scrabble cheat board is quite easy to use. You simply input all the letters currently on the board, choose the vocabulary level you want the tool to use (i.e. high school, English professor, world champion), and type in the tiles you currently have on your rack. One of the best features of this cheat is the fact that you can save the game if you need to get back to it at a later time. You can also create new cheat boards for your other games. With this feature, you can use the cheat during multiple games even if it sometimes takes you and your opponent days to make a move.


Using a Scrabble cheat from time to time can be a good way to improve at this game. You don’t have to use one every time you play especially since there are loads of Scrabble tips to be found online that can help you improve your gameplay. However, if you do end up using this kind of Scrabble help, make sure to balance cheating and playing all on your own skills.

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