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Scramble with Friends CheatHow good are you when it comes to playing word games? Is it easy for you to find words within a word grid or do you find yourself scrambling to find words more often? A lot of players resort to using cheats and a Scramble with Friends cheat is one of the most common ones employed. When you play the game, there are times you are faced with a letter grid that is difficult to peruse, requiring you to take advantage of any available Scramble with Friends help out there. Some would resort to reading up on Scramble with Friends tips while others would rather employ a cheat to make life a bit easier. A Scramble with Friends cheat comes in a variety of forms online and they can be your lifesaver when playing the game.


Types of Scramble with Friends Cheat:

Scramble with Friends Word Finder

Some cheats have the effect of being too obvious, so your opponent can tell that you are cheating. To avoid this, use a Scramble with Friends word finder, a tool which features an empty 4×4 grid that corresponds to the Scramble app’s letter grid. You need to type the letters you have from your current game into the empty grid. It is easy to enter the letters as you do not have to individually click the empty boxes; just type them starting from the upper left box and the following letters will automatically be placed in the remaining boxes. To make it easier to input the letters, take a screenshot of your game’s letter grid. For the bonus tiles (double- or triple-word or letter), there are further instructions provided to indicate them.

Next, choose your appropriate vocabulary level. Are you a world champion or an English professor? Or is your vocabulary level more on the college, high school, middle school, or lower levels? Make sure to be as accurate as possible so that your opponent won’t doubt the words you form. Once you’ve picked your vocabulary level, click the “Go” button and you will be given a list of words that you can assemble from the letters you have entered.

A great thing about utilizing this type of Scramble with Friends help is that you can click the generated words to get their general meanings. In addition, the tool finds those not-so-easy-to-find words and you’ll be surprised at how many words you could have missed had you tried playing without a Scramble with Friends cheat.

Scramble Cheats App

Another Scramble with Friends cheat is the Scramble Cheats app. It’s actually more than just a cheat app; it actually allows you to practice your word finding skills especially while you wait for your turn. You can opt to play the usual timed game of two minutes or an untimed practice game.

You can also import screenshots of your current game and the app will determine all the words that can be formed in the letter grid you have supplied. You can sort the generated words alphabetically, according to the number of letters they have or the scores they result in. You can access the app even without an Internet connection as long as you have already downloaded it.


The next time you play Scramble, you may want to consider using a Scramble with Friends cheat along with any Scramble with Friends tips to further improve your game.

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