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Scramble With Friends TipsThe word “scramble” can function as a noun that means “a difficult or hurried clamber over something.” And that’s exactly what you’ll be doing if you don’t know how to win in the word finder game, Scramble with Friends. The Scramble app can be played on Apple and Android devices, so finding a way to play it more is relatively easy. Winning more Scramble with Friends games is, however, not that easy. Of course, you can always opt to use a Scramble with Friends cheat to make things easier for you. But if you’d rather not, the following tips and strategies may help you win more games than you lose.

Go for short words

There are many words that have only two or three letters, so finding them first on the 4×4 grid of Scramble with Friends is a good way to start a round. You’d be surprised at how many two- or three-letter words you could find within two minutes! Don’t be afraid to try two-consonant or two-vowel words, because they actually exist. Examples include aa, ai, by, hm, sh, and many, many more.

Another reason why you should search for short words is because they usually lead to longer words such as pluralized forms, inflections, etc. For example, “ax” can lead to “axe,” “axes,” or “axed.” Moreover, there is a huge chance that you will find other words because of it like “tax” or “fax.”

Find short words within long ones

If you are able to find five-letter words or longer ones, make sure to check if you can form shorter words within them. For example, you are able to form the word “basher.” You can also form “bash,” “ash,” “she,” “he,” and “her.” Longer words can yield to many shorter words, so be sure to keep your eye out for them.

Be systematic

If you want to thoroughly search for words in the grid, what you can do is to divide it mentally into quadrants or smaller squares. Move your way from the upper right section to the left, then lower right to lower left, or whichever way you prefer. It’s like doing a thorough sweep of the grid, allowing you to maximize your word search. In addition, doing this makes you become more familiar with the letters on the grid, gradually making it easier for you to search for words.

Double/triple word/letters

Each letter has a corresponding point value. Some are more special than others because they can have a greater impact on your score as they can either double or triple the value of a letter or a word. Make sure to use those letters to form words. Another trick is to form words twice: first without special letters, and then form them again with letters that carry bonus points.

Use Scramble with Friends Power-ups

The game features four power-ups: freeze, inspiration, scramble, and vision.

The three rounds of play for Scramble with Friends is limited to two minutes each. If you want to have a few more seconds to play, use the freeze power-up. It stops the timer for a few seconds, granting you some precious time to find some more words.

If you can’t seem to find any word, then use the inspiration power-up. Using it will highlight some words that you can play.

The scramble power-up may not seem too useful, but you’d be surprised at how much you can suddenly see when you are given a different perspective. This power-up flips or rotates the grid, giving you a different vantage point in the hopes of finding more words.

Another way to receive a time bonus is by using the vision power-up. You are provided with three words, and if you find all of them, that’s when you’ll be granted a time bonus.

Scramble with Friends operates on a token system; you have to give up one token to play a game and give up another if you would like to use two power-ups instead of the usual one per round. Don’t worry if you only have the free version of the game; tokens automatically refill every 20 minutes. Hence, it is advisable to spend your tokens to have two power-ups in one round. An ideal power-up combination is to use freeze and inspiration because once the timer is temporarily frozen, you can use the inspiration power-up to highlight the words you missed. Whichever power-up you choose, make sure to use one when you seem to be slowing down in finding words.

Applying these tips and strategies will make your Scramble with Friends experience more competitive and fun. You can even combine them with your own techniques to earn higher scores. Needless to say, the Scramble app is definitely a word finder game worth scrambling for!

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