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SpellathonMany of the top word games these days are also considered fun word games. Aside from good graphics and nice sound effects, many gamers, casual or otherwise, look for word games that can truly challenge and exercise their brains and improve their vocabulary. One of the fun word games available right now is Spellathon, so it is no surprise that it is also one of the top word games today.

What is Spellathon?

Spellathon is aptly described as a word twist game with a twist. Seven letters are randomly arranged in a hexagon. There is one letter in the center, surrounded by six other letters. The goal is to form words that are at least four-letters long and up to seven letters in length. But what is the twist? You have to include the letter in the center in ALL the words you make for them to be considered valid. You can use a letter only once per word. In addition, you should form at least one word that uses all seven letters.


The rules of Spellathon can be summarized in five sentences:

  1. Create words that have 4 to 7 letters.
  2. Include the center letter in every word.
  3. Form at least one 7-letter word.
  4. Plurals are acceptable.
  5. The dictionary used is in English.

For example, the center letter is S. The six letters surrounding it are R, G, A, U, I, and T. Since the letter S is in the center, the words you make should include it. Therefore, some valid words include “rags,” “tags,” and “rugs.” On the other hand, invalid words include “trig” and “girt” because even if they are existing words in the English language, they do not contain the central letter S.

The use of different buttons

To make words, just press the letters you need and then press the Submit (or check) button. To erase a letter or letters, press the X button.

To rearrange the letters, press the shuffle button. Only the six surrounding letters will be shuffled.


Your score will depend on the length of every word you guess as well as the total number of words that need to be guessed per level. A four-letter word is worth 500 points, a five-letter word is worth a thousand points, a six-letter word is worth 1, 500 points, and a seven-letter word is worth 3, 000 points. In addition, you get a bonus of 3, 000 points whenever you guess words correctly for three consecutive times.

Another way to increase your score is to use the 2x button before making a guess. If you guess correctly, the worth of your word will be doubled. Hence, if you get a valid seven-letter word, instead of just 3, 000, you will get a whopping 6, 000 points! You just have to make sure that your word is correct, otherwise, you will get a deduction of 1, 200 points.

Using the hint button (the one with a lightbulb) can be extremely helpful at times because it reveals one letter in every word you can form, allowing you to hopefully guess words more easily. However, keep in mind that when it is activated, all the words you guess correctly will receive only half of their original points. So a 3-letter word is just worth 250, a 5-letter word becomes only worth 500, and so on.

Spellathon Solution

After each game, you are presented with all the valid words that can be formed with the seven letters. Those in black are the ones you were able to get, while those in blue are the words you missed. When you tap any of them, you will be directed to the Dictionary.com entry of the word.

Game modes

Spellathon has two game modes: timed and casual. In the timed mode, you need to guess words within three minutes only. In both modes, you have the option to end the game early or save it for later play.

Other features

You can personalize different settings in Spellathon, such as the level, sound, and vibration settings.

You can also change the number of words to be guessed! Choose from 0-15, 15-30, and 30-45.

There are 11 languages to choose from: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Netherlands, and Russian.

Whether you want to exercise your anagram skills, improve your spelling, or expand your vocabulary, Spellathon is the game for you! What makes it even more appealing is the fact that you can adjust a lot of its settings to suit your level or to challenge you more.

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