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SpelltowerWord search games are very popular nowadays and there are so many to choose from that picking which ones to download and play can be fun and exciting. One of these word search games is Spelltower, a game that is easy, educational, and entertaining. If you haven’t downloaded this game yet, better do it as soon as you finish reading this article.

Overview of Spelltower

Spelltower can be described as a combination of a word search game and the classic brick building game Tetris. The goal is pretty straightforward: you simply need to find as many words as you can on a letter grid. Each word you find must be at least three letters long. Depending on the mode you’re playing, new rows of letters are added to the grid. There are five game modes which will be discussed later. Depending on the device you are using and the mode you are playing, Spelltower’s grid has a certain number of letters.

Game modes

As mentioned earlier, the game has five game modes which are tower, puzzle, extreme puzzle, rush, and debate modes.

If you want to play Spelltower without any pressure, the tower mode is the one you’re looking for. There is no time limit for you to form words, but the number of letters is limited: 150 letters on a Mac, 140 when you’re using an iPad, and only 100 letters when playing via an iPhone. This mode is ideal for those who want to take their time playing without having to worry about the onset of additional rows of letters.

If you want a bit of a challenge, go for the puzzle and extreme puzzle modes. In both modes, every time you form a word, a row of letters is added at the bottom of the grid. Your challenge is to strategically form words so that regardless of how many new rows are added, no tower or column of letters reaches the top part of the grid. Once this happens, then it will be game over for you! There is only a slight difference between the two: in extreme puzzle mode, the normal minimum of three letters per word increases, adding more pressure to form longer words.

To test your speed in finding and forming words, choose to play in rush mode. In this mode, you have to quickly form as many words as you can before a tower of letters reaches the top. The towers gradually rise, and the faster you are able to combine letters to form words, the lesser the chance that you’ll get an overflowing grid.

If you’re the competitive type, better find someone to play with in debate mode, which is a multiplayer component. As long as both devices used are connected via Bluetooth, you can battle an opponent via this mode. What makes this mode exciting is the fact that every time you form a word, letters drop into your opponent’s grid and vice versa. The player whose letter grid overflows first loses the game.

Forming words

It is very easy to form words on a Spelltower grid. You simply connect letters by swiping or dragging them together with your finger. You can form words in every way: diagonally, vertically, horizontally, or a mixture of any of those. Words can also be spelled in a backward manner. Even if the letters are located on different rows, as long as you can connect them, they can be used to spell words.

Letter tiles and scoring

The scores of the words you are able to spell out will depend mainly on the number of letters they are comprised of. The longer a word is, the higher your score will be, so you better start beefing up your vocabulary of words that have five or more letters. Tiles that are used will pop out of the grid. However, there are special tiles that can eliminate entire rows in just one move. So even if you form short words with those special tiles, they can help you avoid having an overflowing grid. In addition, some tiles have a certain value on them which represents a minimum word length needed to successfully use them in forming words.


What makes this game even more appealing is the way it looks. It is has light and pleasing colors, but at the same time, you have the option to use the night colors, which have darker but equally beautiful hues. With such a colourful interface, many players become motivated to play this word game even more.

Undoubtedly, Spelltower is fun, interactive, and aesthetically pleasing, making it one of the most highly-recommended word search games.

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