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Letterpress GameThese days, there are so many cool apps for iPhone and the Letterpress game is one of them. Every word game has various features that endear them to players, and Letterpress is no exception.


What is the Letterpress game?

Letterpress is a word game that allows two players to take turns in forming words from 5×5 a letter grid. It is described as a combination of Scrabble and Boggle. The longer the word you form, the more points you get (you get a point for each letter you use). What makes it exciting is that you can actually steal your opponent’s points by reusing the letters they’ve already used to form words. When this happens, your opponent’s score also decreases. However, the same letters can no longer be used to steal points again. In addition, once you lose letters, but use them again to create new words, you will neither gain nor lose points.

The game ends when each letter has been used, while the winner is of course the one who has the higher score. To find opponents, you can either invite your friends or be paired with random players through Apple’s Game Center.


The game’s design is quite simple and very minimal. You can change the color theme through the app’s settings. The default design is blue-red or the light theme (white background), but there’s also pop (yellow green and pink against a black background), retro (purple and light orange against a cream background), dark (light blue and dark orange against a black background), etc.

At the start of every game, you are assigned a color and the letter tiles are white. Every time you use a letter, it will turn into the color assigned to you. So if you’ve been assigned with blue, the words you form will also turn to blue. Likewise, if you’re opponent has been assigned with red, then his or her words will be in red.

As the game progresses, you’ll need to “protect” your tiles by surrounding them with the tiles in your color. You need to protect your tiles because your opponent can use them to create other words. When this happens, the tiles that are originally in your color, will turn to the assigned color of your opponent.

Protected letters have a darker shade and are surrounded by neither the color of your opponent nor uncoloured tiles. If a protected letter is used by your opponent, it will not immediately turn into his or her color unless he or she also uses the letters surrounding the protected tile.

Word formation

Click the “submit” button after forming a word. Words must be at least two letters long and you can form a certain word only once. The words should be valid and must be found in the game’s updated dictionary. It is ideal to form longer words to have better chances of winning.

Unlike Scrabble or other word games, the letter tiles of the Letterpress game do not have certain point values. Instead, it has a simple scoring of one point per letter. Hence, you are encouraged to form words with greater length.

You can also save words for future use. However, this is limited to just one word per game. After choosing the word you want to save, just tap and hold the clear button to close the game. Once you open the game again, the word will fly off the letter grid.

Time limit and maximum number of games

There is no time limit in making a move, so waiting for your turn can last up to a few days.  If you want to play more games with other opponents, it is a good idea to buy the app, which is quite cheap – around 99 cents. The free version allows you to play only two games at the same time, but with the purchased version, you can play up to 30 games simultaneously. Another alternative is to schedule games with your friends so you can get your fix of the Letterpress game.

Passing and resigning

If you can’t find a word to play, you can opt to pass. Passing does not forfeit the game, but if your opponent also passes, then the game will end, and the scores will be tallied. If you resign, then the game will be forfeited.

On the first day of its release, the Letterpress game was downloaded over 60, 000 times. It has been steadily increasing even with the presence of many cool apps for iPhone. And like every word game, the Letterpress game can greatly improve your vocabulary while providing you with hours of fun.

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