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WordJongDoes playing word games for free appeal to you? If so, do you enjoy playing Scrabble? How about Mahjong? What if you want to play both? You actually can, thanks to this game: Wordjong. It is as addictive and as exciting as Scrabble and Mahjong online or offline, so you will surely enjoy this word game. Already interested in playing it? Then read on.


Vocabulary builder

The basic aim of Wordjong is to remove letters and form them into words from a word puzzle, eventually clearing the board. The longer the words you form, the higher your scores will be, significantly increasing your chances of winning. Although the game’s dictionary is not as extensive as that of Scrabble or other word games, you can still play a lot of acceptable long words. It is advisable to have a vast knowledge of words that consist of at least five letters to earn bonus scores. Also keep in mind that the Scrabble trick of adding prefixes and suffixes to basic words may not always work when playing Wordjong, so make sure to beef up your vocabulary.

You can keep trying to create words even if you are not sure they are acceptable since when in single-player mode, there is no penalty for playing random letters to check if they are valid. But even with a limited dictionary (compared to Scrabble), it is rare to receive a notification that you have played an invalid word or a legitimate word that’s not included in the game’s dictionary.


Wordjong tiles

As with Scrabble, each Wordjong tile has a letter and a corresponding point value. Less frequently used letters have higher values, so using them to play five or more letter words will lead to more bonuses. There are also tiles that appear randomly and carry multiplier points. Using these tiles to form longer words will have a greater impact on your score, so make sure to combine them often.

You can remove several tiles from the board, even if you’re not yet sure what word to play, as long as the tiles are available. As mentioned earlier, you are not penalized for trying to create words in single-player mode. Hence, use this technique to thoroughly search for tiles with multipliers or higher point values so you can play better words. However, if you really want to be competitive or truly test your word-building skills, play in other modes where you can be penalized for creating invalid words. In addition, you are not free to search for letters in other modes, which means you need to form words using only the letters that can be currently removed from the board. Having this limit allows you to rigorously exercise your word building skills.


Game Modes

Depending on the device you use (either a mobile phone or a tablet), you can play Wordjong in a variety of modes. You have classic, single, two-player, party blast, online, and other modes. With these available modes, you’re sure to find one that best suits your playing style and preference.


Rewarding tasks and features

Like playing other word games for free, Wordjong encourages players to finish certain tasks that award them with medallions. So if you feel that you are more of a goal achiever than a word builder, Wordjong can still be enjoyable and fulfilling for you.

Let’s say you are able to play a word that is worth a hundred points. Aside from a receiving a medal, the game will also take note of the day you achieved it. The game also has a competitive ranking system that allows you to receive more points to improve your standing, especially if you can use up all the tiles on the board.

Wordjong does not have a hint feature, and even if this may be viewed as a disadvantage by some, it is actually a great reason to challenge yourself even more. Without hints, you’ll be able to form words on your own and have a better understanding of your vocabulary level. If you really have no idea of what word to form, you can use the opportunity to learn more words to improve your vocabulary.


Online and offline

You can play this game while connected to the Internet or you can download it on your mobile phone or tablet. When playing online, it is advisable to set a date and time with an opponent since not a lot of people play it on the web.

Whether you love playing Scrabble or Mahjong online or offline, there’s no doubt that Wordjong can make you experience the best of both games.


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