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Whirly WordWord games are some of the most played and downloaded games among any kind of handheld device. They can exercise your spelling, vocabulary, and word-building skills to keep your brain sharp. One of the most well-known word games today is Whirly Word, which was part of the top 10 list of most popular word games for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch in 2010.

Overview of Whirly Word

The publisher and developer Mighty Mighty Good Games released Whirly Word in September 27, 2009, making the game nearly four years old. The aim of the game is pretty simple: form a fixed number of 3 to 6-letter words using only the given 6 letters. The game is similar to Chicktionary minus the chickens, the egg rack, and a timer. Instead of those, there are rows of blank oblongs representing words that have 3-6 letters at the top of the game. Below them are six bigger blank boxes, which will be used for forming words. Finally, below those boxes is a wheel that houses the 6 letters you can play.

Forming words

Playing Whirl Word is pretty straightforward: you simply have to tap the letters you need to use to form a word and every letter you tap will appear on the blank boxes above the wheel.  When you have formed a word, tap the “Enter” button, which is easily seen at the center of the letter wheel. Each valid word you form will then appear on its corresponding row at the top of the screen. Therefore, it is easy to monitor the words you have already played and the number of words that you can still guess.

Puzzle progress and scoring

You do not need to find the word or words that use up all six letters, but if you want to progress more quickly and easily move on to the next letter puzzle, then it is advisable to form those 6-letter words. At the very top of your screen, way above the blank oblongs, there is a progress bar. Every time you submit a valid word, the bar progresses until you reach a certain point that is marked by a green line. Once you have reached that green line, you can move on to the next puzzle. Moreover, whenever you use all 6 letters in one word, even if that’s the only word you form, you can immediately start solving the next puzzle! There is also no pressure to finish right away because there is no time limit! You can exit the game and go back to the puzzle you’re solving until you get the green light to move on to the next one. In addition, unlike Chicktionary, Whirly Word does not grant you points for every valid word formed. Instead, you just keep progressing until you complete a puzzle and carry on to the next level. Just keep in mind that as you progress, the farther the green line gets in every puzzle.

Puzzle Levels

Whirly Word has two puzzle levels: abridged and tournament. The abridged level is ideal for beginners or players who want to form words that are easily recognized. On the other hand, if you want to be challenged more, then you can go for the tournament level, which has more difficult puzzles and a broader dictionary.

The levels may be different, but they have the same feature when it comes to their dictionaries: you can check the definitions of the words you form, allowing you to broaden your vocabulary. In addition, you can keep track of your achievements on both levels as they are recorded within the game.

Help button

There can be times when you get stuck and don’t know what words to form. Don’t panic; there is a special button that you can tap: the “Whirl” button. To whirl means to spin, and that is what will happen to the letter wheel when you use this button. The rotation of the wheel will also change the location of the letters and this can help you see any words you might have missed. There is no limit to using this button so go ahead and abuse it! After all, a change in perspective can go a long way even outside of this word game!

Other features

Whirly Word has different color schemes that can suit your every mood while playing it. You also have the option to turn on or remove the background music and sound effects.

Whirly Word can spin your brain around in a fun and educational way, so better download it now!

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