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Word FrenzyMany people play a variety of free games online. Some play Text Twist or other word games similar to it. One of these is Word Frenzy.  Before you go on a frenzy for this game, you need to know how to play it first.

What is Word Frenzy?

Word Frenzy is best described as a combination of Text Twist and Yahtzee. The object of the game is to guess different 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-letter words that meet the requirements of a level. You need to form words quickly because you have limited time to do so for every set of six letters.

How to play

In two minutes, you are given four sets of words. You have around 30 seconds to form as many words as you can from each set of words.

For every set, you have a goal: you are required to guess a specific number of words in each word length category so you can pass the level. If a word can be formed using more than one letter set in the same level, every guess is counted and will be added to your goal. To know how many words you need for a certain word length category, check the two sets of green orbs (Goal and Found) at the upper part of your screen. The number of orbs within a row represents the different word length categories.  Beside each row in the first set is the number of words you need to form. On the other hand, the numbers before the rows on the second set are the number of words you’ve found so far. These numbers on the second set are at first yellow, but they turn green once you’ve reached the quota needed.  For example, in one level, you need to have 9 three-letter words, 8 four-letter words, 3 five-letter words, and 1 six-letter word. You need to reach or go beyond the goal if you want to move on to the next level. Even one incomplete word-length category will result in a “Game Over!”

Forming Words, Shuffling Letters, and ending a level

To guess words, just tap the letters. Tap them again if you want to remove them from your guess. Once you form a word, tap the guess button.

To mix your letters and see if they can form other words, tap the shuffle button.

A level ends when the time runs out. However, you can opt to end it early by using the end button. This will reveal a prompt that lets you choose to end the level or go back to the main menu.

Words and Stats

When a game of Word Frenzy ends, you can select the Words & Stats button to check the words you were able to form for each set, as well as the words you missed. Those that you got are in white while those that you missed are in yellow. You can tap any of them to know their meanings as you will be directed to a dictionary.

You can also tap the Stats tab to see tables of how well or how much you need to improve on. The tables show you the set number, the number of words you found for each set, the number of possible words for each word length category, the percentage you got, and the bonus points you received.

Scoring and Bonus points

The score per word varies depending on its length. 3-letter words are worth 5 points, 4-letter words reward you with 10 points, a 5-letter word gives you an additional 15 points, and the six-letter word earns you 20 points.

The bonus points received depend on a certain percentage of words in every set, as well as a certain percentage of words in every length category. Do your best to get these bonus points because they are cumulative; the higher percentage you get, the higher your bonus points will be, as shown in the following:

40% = an additional 40 points

50% = an additional 50 points

60% = an additional 60 points

70% = an additional 70 points

80% = an additional 80 points

90% = an additional 90 points

100% = a hundred point bonus

Once you lose a level, that’s when high scores are recorded. You will be asked to enter your name in a dialog box and you have the option to have your score posted locally (in your device) or globally.

If you don’t want to play Text Twist or are looking for an alternative to playing some of the free games online, give Word Frenzy a try!

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