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Word MixThere are a lot of word games these days and one of them is the classic anagram game Word Mix. Basically, it is like a modified version of Word Twist, which means you have to form as many words as possible from a limited number of letters. The catch is you have to get the word that uses up all the letters to move on to the next level. Since its introduction in 2010, it has undergone some changes like added features and new themes. If you haven’t encountered this game yet, it’s about time for you to enjoy it!


The Basics of Word Mix:

Letters and Word Formation

You are given six jumbled letters to create words from. You can form words that range from 3 to 6 letters long.

At the top of your screen, you’ll see rows of short blanks representing the words you can form from the given six letters. You can form words by tapping the letters or by using your keyboard and pressing enter or the guess button. As you form words, they replace the blanks that correspond to their length.

Word Mix Scoring

Unlike other word games where letters carry certain points, in Word Mix, your score will depend on the number of letters the words you create have. Three-letter words are worth fifty points apiece, every four-letter word gives you a hundred points, five-letter words earn you 150 points, while the six-letter word is worth two hundred points.  If you get all the words with less than six letters, but fail to guess what the six-letter word is, the game will end.

Feeling competitive? You can compare your score with other players’ scores around the world. Just tap the scores button to do so.

Mixing and guessing

Tap the mix button to shuffle the letters and hopefully make it easier for you to find more words. Sometimes, guessing helps as there may be words you thought were non-existent, but they actually do exist.


Wordmix follows five dictionaries, two of which are English ones, while the other three are foreign ones: French, Italian, and Spanish. With these dictionaries, not only will you learn more new words, there are also fewer chances for you to form invalid words!  In addition, once a level or the game ends, you can tap on words to know their meaning. You will be directed to the Merriam-Webster dictionary when you tap a word as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Game modes

Word mix has two game modes: times and untimed. The timed mode gives you just two minutes to guess as many words as you can, including the six-letter word. If you don’t want to be pressured, go for the untimed mode. In both modes, your game is easily saved. Just tap the resume button whenever you want to continue playing your previously saved game. Otherwise, you can just tap the start game (timed) or the start puzzle (untimed) to begin a new game.

Hints and Bonuses

When you start having difficulty in forming words, you can tap the hint button. This results in the revelation of just one letter in all the possible words it appears in. You can use the hint feature only once per game or level.

You can also use certain bonus items to help you out. Word Mix has three bonus items: retry, super hints, and timer boosts.

When you lose a level, the retry bonus is your savior! Using it will begin a new level, without erasing your score!

If you’re not content with the regular hint feature, then use the super hints bonus! Unlike the regular one that reveals only one letter, you can press use the super hints feature several times, revealing even more letters! However, completely revealed words that are formed from using this bonus will not increase your score. So try to use this bonus sparingly!

For the timed game mode, you can use the timer boost bonus to give you more time for word formation. Once the “Boost!” button appears (with 30 seconds or less time remaining), if you choose to use it, 30 seconds will be added to the timer. Use this extra time to find some last minute words!

Whichever mode you prefer, Word Mix is an anagram game that will surely make you want to mix around with letters more! It is a great way to keep your grey matter active as well as to expand your vocabulary.

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