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Word PushThere is a wide variety of word games online, and with such variety, more and more people are encouraged to play word search games. Some word games online are simple, while others are combinations of other games, word-related or otherwise. One such game is Word Push, a word search puzzle game. If you’ve encountered this game before but haven’t had the chance to play it, it will be helpful to know how it is played.


What is Word Push?

Word Push features game elements from different games like Bejeweled, Boggled, Connect Four, and the classic word game Scrabble.  The game challenges you with 100 levels that get more difficult as you progress. If you’re new at playing it, don’t worry as there are various game hints and walk through prompts in the first ten levels. Vocabulary and strategy are the key things you need to combine to win in all the levels of Word Push. Plus, you don’t have to be frustrated if you can’t complete a level; you don’t need to complete one level in order to move on to the next one.


Word Push has a simple, straightforward goal: the gem-colored letter tiles must be removed from the game grid. You can do this by forming a word that includes those letters. The colored tiles increase as you reach higher levels. The colored tiles in the words you form should have the same color to be considered valid.

Letter tiles and scoring

Aside from the gem-colored letter tiles, there are also regular tiles, and both types of tiles can be combined to form words. The colored ones can be red, blue, or yellow, while the regular tiles are either grey or brown. Each letter tile has a certain point value, and just like Scrabble, certain letters carry higher values. For example, the less frequently used letter Q is worth 10 points, while vowels and other more frequently used letters are worth a point each.

Given that every letter tile has a corresponding point value, your score will depend on the letter values of the words you form.

Pushing words

Technically speaking, you’ll be pushing letters in Word Push. To form words, you can either use your mouse to drag letters or use your finger to swipe them.

Most of the time, a gem-colored tile or tiles are positioned in a way that you cannot use them yet to form words. You can use the regular letter tiles first to form words.

Before making each move, you need to choose the direction from which new letters will be pushed. The Push Direction buttons are top, left, right, and bottom. For example, when you choose “top,” after forming a word, the new letters that will fill up the spaces vacated by the letters you used will come from the upper section of the letter grid. In addition, this will maneuver a colored tile downward. If you choose “bottom,” the new letters will come from below, and a colored tile will be moved upward. Therefore, when you choose the left or right directions, new tiles will come and colored tiles will also move in those respective directions. Basically, you need to strategically form words to move letters that will eventually bring together gem tiles of the same color. These gem-colored letter tiles will only be removed once they are used together in one word. When all the special gems are removed, the letter grid shakes and collapses, signalling that you’ve won the level.

Special abilities

To help you solve each level, you can choose to use one of two available special abilities. The first one is playing a valid word that is not included in the game’s dictionary. This can be helpful especially when you don’t seem to know which push direction to choose next or when all the same-colored letter tiles are already very near each other. Another special ability is to play two-letter words. With an abundant array of two-letter words, playing them can save you some puzzling maneuvers.

Both abilities can be gradually acquired as you complete Word Push levels. They require a specific “mana” value. You can get “word-manas” from the words you play and the gems you are able to maneuver. Hence, the more levels you complete, the more word-mana you get, and the more chances for you to use these special abilities.

If you want to play word search games, give Word Push a try. It can expand your vocabulary as well as improve strategic and spatial intelligence because of the maneuvering involved in playing it.

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