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Word Solitaire TipsHave you experienced playing Solitaire on your computer? Chances are, you have! What about word games? Imagine a game that is a fusion of Solitaire and word games…you can stop imagining now because such a game actually exists: Word Solitaire! If you enjoy playing both Classic Solitaire and word games, then Word Solitaire is a great game that allows you to experience both. But how can you win in this game? Here are some tips to help you out.


If you play Solitaire, then it’s easy enough to understand Word Solitaire. Instead of regular decks of cards, you are presented with columns of letters. You flip the letter cards for the possibility of spelling out words. You can drag them to other columns to assemble words. The goal is to use all the letters to form different words.

Work on your vocabulary

Since the main aim of Word Solitaire is to assemble words from stacks of letter cards, it is important to have a rich vocabulary. Read books, learn a set number of words on a daily basis, look up the meaning of words you’ve encountered for the first time…the ways to beef up your vocabulary are endless! You can, of course, apply those words in Word Solitaire, among other things.

Know your spelling

Having a rich vocabulary does not end with a great number of words; you also have to know how to spell them! Do not let being unsure of a word’s spelling hinder you from forming words in Word Solitaire though. It never hurts to try, after all. But do keep in mind that learning the right spelling of the various words you learn is as important as learning the words themselves.

Be patient

Cliché as it sounds, patience is definitely a virtue. Sometimes, you flip really good letters, sometimes you don’t. Do not feel too bad whenever you get a string of difficult to use letters; it happens. Just keep trying, and you’ll eventually get the hang of it, and win more games. You can also view this as a challenge and a motivation for you to reach the next level.

Use your Word Solitaire Wildcard wisely

If Scrabble has blank tiles that can stand for any letter, Word Solitaire has wildcards that have the same function. You can use them right away or save them for later use. For example, you are one word away from reaching the next level, but you lack one letter. You can then use a wildcard to assemble that word and move on to the next level.

Take your time

You do not have a time limit to finish a game of Word Solitaire. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about forming words right away. You can challenge yourself by doing your best to assemble longer and better words. But you can also play quickly if you feel like it; there is no clock to stop you from doing so. You have many levels to explore, so Word Solitaire will definitely keep you occupied for a few months at least. The game is automatically saved, so you can take a break whenever you want. Moreover, you will be given visual clues as to which letters to play. With that kind of help, combined with your word building strategies and skill, you won’t get stuck in a level that often.

The longer, the better

As discussed earlier, you have enough time to study your letters to shuffle them into longer words. So, as much as possible, don’t limit yourself to words that are composed of only three or four letters. Remember that to move on to the next level, you need to use up all your letter cards, so forming longer words can make it quicker for you to finish a level. Longer words also significantly increase your score.


Ultimately, to win at Word Solitaire, you just need to keep playing it. Practice, practice, practice! If you can, play it every day because you can learn something new about it at any given time. You’ll find yourself getting quicker and better at forming words with constant practice. You can incorporate the various tips and strategies you employ for classic Solitaire or even manage to find new techniques as you level up and play more. If you need help, you can always seek for it via its comprehensive tutorial.

You can now have an alternative to playing Solitaire and word puzzles thanks to Word Solitaire. Playing solo-player games like this doesn’t mean you can’t have a social life; you can actually share tips and strategies with your friends who also play the game.

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