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Word SquaresIf you love playing Sudoku and are also addicted to word puzzles, you’ll definitely love playing this new game called Word Squares! While most word puzzles tend to present the same challenges like Scrabble and Words with Friends as well as Boggle and Ruzzle, this game offers something quite definitely unique. And it’s not just your word-building skills that will be put to the test. You’ll undoubtedly be racking your brain more than usual when faced with this game.


What is Word Squares?

As mentioned earlier, the game Word Squares is quite similar to Sudoku. However, instead of a number grid, you have a grid that’s filled with letters. The goal of Sudoku is to fill every row, column, and sub-grids (the smaller grids within the main grid) with the numbers 1-9. The same goal applies to Word Squares, but it involves words. The letters need to be rearranged so that each column and row should contain valid words, meaning you’ll be forming something like acrostic words. Seems easy enough? Not quite as much because there is a catch: there are certain letters on the grid that have a fixed position – they cannot be moved. These stationary letters are distinguished by their bigger and white font. Movable letters, on the other hand, are in black.


There are four levels in Word Squares: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. Every level has a different grid in terms of size. The more difficult a level, the bigger the grid is. The smallest grid is 3×3 in size, while the biggest one is at 6×6. With these available levels, you can easily find one that suits your purpose from practicing the basics of the game to challenging yourself more.

If you are a beginner, it is better to start with the easy level. Once you get the hang of it, you can move on to the medium level. Keep challenging yourself by solving the puzzles in the difficult level, then test your skills even more by doing the puzzles in the expert level. There are over a thousand levels in this game, so you’ll be able to play it for quite a long time.

How to play

Forming words is easy because you simply need to touch and drag the letters. When you make a valid move, it is often signalled by the outlining of the word in yellow. All words should be valid horizontally and vertically. It can take as short as a few minutes or as long as a few hours for you to complete a puzzle in Word Squares. You just have to keep swiping and trying. Playing this game can be challenging, but fulfilling at the same time. Therefore, aside from building your vocabulary skills, the game will also sharpen your puzzle-solving skills.

When you find yourself stuck, tap the hint button found on the lower portion of the screen. Doing so will make the board play a valid move on your behalf. You may find yourself quite frustrated at many times, but don’t fuss; no matter how difficult a puzzle may be, you will eventually learn a variety of strategies to solve them. In the meantime, it wouldn’t hurt to use the hint button once in a while. After all, you have the option to customize the hints you have in the game.

Game options

In the lower part of the navigation panel, you will find the options button. Since this game is simple, it is no surprise that its options and features are also simple, making it even more appealing to play. There are just two options available: you can turn on or turn off the sound and options for the hint feature.

You can hear certain sounds on two instances: every time you make a successful letter to letter move and when you are able to complete a puzzle.

For the hint options, there are four choices. You can play the game with no hints, start with some hints, begin with more hints, and play with a lot of hints. With these options, you can easily customize each puzzle you play as well as keep challenging yourself.

Word Squares may not involve numbers, but this game can surely give your brain a much needed exercise!  You can download it on your Apple device so it will be more convenient for you to play the game. You can ask the help of your friends or family members when solving the game’s puzzles, so it can also be a great way to bond with them.

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