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Word TwistNowadays, word puzzles particularly word search games are very popular. One of the classic ones is Text Twist, which has spawned similar games including Word Warp, Word Jumble, Word Frenzy, and the colourful Word Twist. If you’re using a Windows Phone, you’re probably already familiar with the game.

Introduction to Word Twist

Microsoft Windows isn’t just an operating system for computers; it also about being a mobile operating system, the Windows Phone. And just like other mobile device with different operating systems, there are games that can be downloaded and played through Windows Phone, including Word Twist. The game is supported by both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 7.5. Currently, it is one of the top 5 games for Windows Phone and it was last updated earlier in June.

It is easy to understand how the game works: you simply have to form as many words as you can with the given 6 letters each round. The words should have at least 3 letters and to move on to the next round, you need to find the word that includes all 6 letters. Depending on the mode you’re in, there is usually a time limit of 2 minutes.

Game modes

Before starting a new game, you need to choose a game mode and you have four to pick from: classic, all or nothing, blind, and kids.

In classic mode, you get to build words within two minutes only. Playing in this mode will definitely put your word building skills to the test as you can motivate yourself to do well given that there’s a time limit. If you do not like being pressured, then you can play the kids mode.

In the all or nothing mode, you are given a longer time limit: 3 minutes. However, there is a catch: you need to figure out ALL the words that can be formed using the 6 jumbled letters! Otherwise, you will lose the game! It’s a bit of a challenge, but you’ll have a great sense of fulfilment if you are able to do it! Plus, this mode thoroughly exercises your word building skills, so give it a try from time to time.

The blind mode has the same rules as the classic mode, except it does not have hint boxes that inform you of the number of 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-letter words that can be formed with the given 6 letters. It can be quite difficult, but challenging enough for you to strictly play the game without any help.

Finally, you have the kids mode, and as it name says, well, it is ideal for children. It does not have a time limit and only 8 words are needed to advance to the next round. Even if you aren’t a kid, you can play this mode if you just want to relax for a while or take a break from playing the other more challenging modes.

How to play

Basically, you just tap the letters you need to spell out a word and tap the enter button to submit it. Above the 6 jumbled letters are blank boxes where the letters appear when you type them. In addition, there are also multi-coloured empty boxes which represent the number of words you can form. The green ones are for 3-letter words, while 4-letter words appear in the yellow boxes. 5-letter words appear in the orange boxes and the red boxes are reserved for the 6-letter word. Each word’s score will depend on its word length, so to get a good score you need to get all the correct words, or at least all the highest scoring ones like the 5-6-letter words. To scramble the letters, tap the twist button. At the end of each round, regardless of the mode you’re in, all the words will appear in their respective boxes and you can learn their definitions by tapping them.

Compared to other word games

What makes Word Twist unique from other word puzzles is its consideration for its young players. Although other word games also have different modes, Word Twist has a mode specifically tailored for children. Moreover, aside from being able to pick a mode, players can also choose the level of difficulty of a round – easy, medium, and hard. In addition, the game has achievements that players can complete like finding a certain number of words and playing a certain number of rounds in one sitting. You can also keep track of the number of rounds you’ve played through the game statistics.

If you’re looking for an alternative game that’s similar to Text Twist, then Word Twist is a game you should definitely have on your Windows Phone.

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