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Word WhompA fun and effective way to enrich the vocabulary of children or young students is to let them play word games. One of the most appealing word games among kids and adults alike is Word Whomp, a game that involves letters and gophers.


A gopher is a type of rodent which means that it resembles a squirrel or a rat. 6 Gophers are the adorable stars of Word Whomp. Each gopher carries a piece of wood that has a letter. You need to use those letters to form as many words as you can within the given time limit. The words should have a minimum word length of 3 letters. There are bonuses, badges, tokens, and a lot more goals you can aim for, making the game even more exciting.

How to play

When you whomp something or someone, it means you hit it or that person heavily. In Word Whomp, the gophers are whomped every time you use a letter. You can spell words in two ways: you can either tap or click the letters you need or simply type them to spell words. After forming a word, tap the “Enter” button.

At the top part of your screen, you’ll see blank boxes which are grouped together; this grouping corresponds to the word lengths of the words you can form using the 6 letters held by the gophers. Every time you spell out a valid word, it will appear in one of the rows of empty boxes. These boxes are helpful in keeping track of the words you have already played.

Below the letter-holding gophers is a gopher assigned to digging. Each correct word you play makes the gopher dig within a certain distance and take out a carrot or a turnip. The longer your word, the farther the digging gopher will go. Every distance covered brings the gopher nearer to one huge carrot called the spin carrot, which gives you an additional 20 points and rewards you with bonuses like additional tokens (the number will depend on the difficulty level) and a jackpot spin. Munching on the spin carrot will activate the Jackpot spinner as soon as the game ends. If it lands on the word “Jackpot,” you will receive the jackpot amount located on the left side of the screen. This amount increases as you play, so it can get really big as you play the game Word Whomp longer.

If you get all the words and reach the big turnip (The Last Word Turnip) at the end, you get an additional 50 points, plus 200 more tokens!


The longer a word is, the more points it yields. Every letter is worth 10 points. If you get all the words and there is still some time remaining, you are also given additional points depending on how many seconds remain. Each second can be worth 10, 20, or 50 points each, depending on the difficulty level.

One of the words for each level has gold boxes. This is the special word which rewards you with an additional 100 points and 15 seconds will be added to the game clock.

When the game ends, you can get one token for every 10 points you score.

Skill Levels

Word Whomp allows players to adjust the difficulty level of each game. You can change the timer, distance, and bonus points.

The lower a level, the longer time you have to form words, so if you want a bigger challenge, you can play the more difficult levels that have a shorter time limit.

You can also change the distance that the digging gopher needs to cover from the starting point to the spin carrot and the last word turnip. A longer distance can motivate you to play longer words to reach those bonus vegetables.

You get bigger bonus points if the difficulty level of a Word Whomp game is high, so to maximize them, do your best to play harder levels.

Word Whomp Ranks and Badges

You can go through 70 ranks in Word Whomp and each rank requires a certain number of words for you to move on to the next rank. Every rank name is unique and can be funny. Some examples are Gopher Dentures, Baby’s Diaper, Disco Record, and many more. As for the badges, there are seven to collect: Winky, Slurpy, Meany, Stinky, Flippy, Smiley, and Rummy. They are the seven gophers that make up Word Whomp. Like the ranks, they require a certain number of anagrams for you to collect them

Word Whomp has fun graphics, cool sound effects, easy gameplay, and many more interesting features that make it a word game worth playing.

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