Words with Friends Cheat

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Words with Friends Cheat

You can find a variety of cheat sites for every word game, and that includes a Words with Friends cheat. Because Words with Friends is similar to Scrabble, the cheats for both games are also quite similar. Although similar in game play, it is important to note that Scrabble and Words with Friends have slight differences when it comes to their dictionaries. There are words that are acceptable in Words with Friends, but are not recognized in Scrabble. Examples of such are “ahi” and “dif” as well as some profane words. Although not all your friends will appreciate using a Words with Friends cheat, it is still a good way to improve and learn how to play the game even better.


Types of Words with Friends Cheats:

Words with Friends Word Finder

The quickest form of Words with Friends Cheat involves a simple and easy to use Word Finder. You simply have to enter the letters you wish to use and click the “get words” or “go” button. You can input a maximum of 12 letters per search. You can also enter blank tiles by replacing them with question marks. Two blanks can be entered for every search. Using this kind of Words with Friends cheat is helpful if you are in a hurry as it is the fastest way to check the words that can be formed with your available letters.

Some word finders generate word lists based on the length and value of words; it will be up to you to pick which suits you better.

Smart board

A more advanced form of Words with Friends cheat is using a smart board. You first need to create a game ID. Start putting in the letters in exactly the same way as how your current Words with Friends game board looks like. For easier navigation, use the arrow keys. For blank tiles, type a question mark after the letters they represent. Once you’ve set up the online board, pick your vocabulary level (word champion, English professor, college, high school, and middle school or below) and then enter the available letters you currently have. Use a question mark to represent a blank tile.

Using this Words with Friends Helper can take time, but when set up properly, it can be very helpful.  Not just generating words, but more importantly, it can help you generate the words that correspond to your vocabulary level. Hence, your opponent will not be suspicious about you getting some online help, especially if you choose a lower vocabulary level. Another advantage of using this smart board is the fact that you can save games! Thus, you can easily go back to it every time your turn comes up.

Prefixes and Suffixes

You can also get some Words with Friends help by using a tool that enables you to search for words with specific prefixes and suffixes. This is quite useful when the current letters you have cannot be used to form any word, unless they are connected to already existing prefixes or suffixes on the board.

Many would say that learning some Words with Friends Tips is way better than using a cheat in order to improve one’s score. However, there is no doubt that using a Words with Friends cheat would not only earn you high scores but probably also teach you a thing or two about strategy.

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