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Words with FriendsOne of the most popular online games today is Words with Friends. You may have been playing this for quite some time now, so it’s no surprise if you know a lot of tips and strategies for it. But how well do you really know the game? Here are some interesting trivia bits that you can share with your opponents.

Words with Friends Trivia:

1. Most played words

There are five words that are the most played on Words with Friends: he, it, qi, re, and to. Even if a lot of people do not know what “qi” means, that doesn’t stop them from playing the word. More often than not, it yields a bigger score, especially if the letter Q is placed on a double or triple letter or word square.

2. Words with Friends Z words

There’s only one Z among the Words with Friends tiles, so it’s better to use it to form higher-scoring words. You can’t always play “zebra,” “zit,” or “zoo”; there are other words you can form with this letter. In fact, there are over one hundred words with the letter Z in them. You just have to do a little research and keep those words in mind. Make sure that you also place this letter on a DL, TL, DW, or TW square to earn significantly higher scores. Words with friends Z words can definitely help you big time.

3. The highest-scoring word

Knowing medical terms like drug names can also pay off when playing this game. The word played that has garnered the most number of points was “Oxyphenbutazone,” which resulted in over 1, 600 points.

4. Words with Friends statistics

The game was released in July 2009, and since then, the number of people who play it has increased. Within one hour, over 3.5 million words are played, and in one day, around 4.8 million games are completed.

5. Connecting friends and family

Even if its name has friends in it, many people actually play Words with Friends with their family. Surveys have shown that 43% play with relatives, while 63% play with their friends. Players have reported feeling a greater connection with their friends and family due to the game. It provides people with a way to bond with friends and family without the necessity of going out and spending money; they just need their tablets or smartphones, a good Internet connection, and the game.

6. Creating new friendships

The option to play against a random opponent allows players to have a wider range of social connections. You can be paired with someone from the same city you’re in or a player who’s located on the other side of the globe. Either way, this can be a good opportunity to find new friends.

7. Finding romance

For other players, playing Words with Friends has enabled them to find something that is more than just friends: some have found a significant other. There are players who use Words with Friends tiles to smoothly tell their opponents of their intentions by playing words like “cute,” “date,” “crush,” “love,” etc.

For every 10 players, one of them has dated his or her opponent. Sometimes, instead of phone numbers, people exchange usernames for the game. Those who have a crush on their opponent are usually attracted by his or her ability to play the game, and the better an opponent is, the bigger the chances for someone to consider the idea of meeting up with or even dating him or her.

8. Relationship maker or breaker

For those who are already in a relationship, playing Words with Friends can lead to two ways: you either grow stronger as a couple or break up. 35% of players have allowed their partner to win, which is sometimes a way to avoid fights. On the other hand, 43% have confessed to have cheated on their partners while playing the game.

9. Cheating can happen

Though unacceptable, cheating in this game is a reality. It is even made easier because of the many Words with Friends Cheat sites and tools offered online. Although you can’t always prove that your opponent is cheating, there are some signs like sudden plays of words that they don’t usually use or aren’t really part of their vocabulary. The use of really big words that you’ve never heard of can also be a sign. Whether or not your opponent is cheating, do your best to play the game honestly.

10. Resigning is okay

You can’t win every time, so when your opponent is ahead by over 200 points, it’s better to give up. Click the resign button and just start a rematch. This way, you’ll have more time to win games.

You can learn more interesting things about Words with Friends by continuously playing it. Sharing other information about it can also be a way to connect more with the people around you.

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