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Words with UThere are many kinds of Scrabble players, but not as many as the number of words with U. The letter U is the least frequently used vowel, as opposed to the letter E, which is the most frequently used. However, the fact that it is the least used vowel should not be a hindrance to any kind of Scrabble player. Learning U words can be helpful in ensuring a win; after all, you can’t spell victorious without a U! So what kind of Scrabble player are you?


Types of Players That Need Words with U:

Players with the letter Q

The letter Q is one of the most difficult letters to use in Scrabble, especially if you do not have the letter U. So when you have both letters, you can form high-scoring words as long as you have a vast knowledge of qu-starting words and it is also helpful if the letter Q is placed on a double- or triple-letter or word square. After all, Q is worth ten points! The following are some words that have “qu”:

























Players who have the letter N

When you have both the letters N and U, but you don’t know what word to form, check the Scrabble board. Are there words there that can carry the prefix “un-“? If yes, then you can simply add “un” in the beginning of such words! It is a quick and easy play that can still result in decent points. So “do” becomes “undo,” “lucky” becomes “unlucky,” “happy” becomes “unhappy,” “screw” becomes “unscrew,” and many more.

Players who have a lot of vowels

Ideally in Scrabble, for your seven letters to be considered balanced, you should have 4 vowels and three consonants. Of course this does not always happen. In fact, you have probably experienced either having too many consonants or too many vowels. When you have a shortage of consonants, there are vowel-rich words that have the letter U, such as the following:









Players who know the different sounds of U

Like most letters, U can have different sounds: short, long, schwa. Not many people are consciously aware of this, but for Scrabble players who do, then forming words with U is easy for them.

First, U can have a short sound as in the words “cub,” “bug,” “us,” “bum,” and “gum.” Words with the long sound of U, on the other hand, include the following: “cute,” “mute,” “flute,” “brute,” and “put.” The schwa sound can be found in words like “supply,” “focus,” “campus,” “support,” and “truck.”

Competitive players

There is no doubt that Scrabble is a fun game to play. However, it can also get pretty competitive especially among those who are non-casual players of the game. These players make it a point to use every letter they can in every possible way. Therefore, one of their goals is to use the most difficult Scrabble letters as soon as possible, and U is one of them. Even if the letter U is only worth a point, when combined with higher scoring letters like J, Q, or Z can yield greater scores. Even if you are not that competitive, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. After all, you can’t spell fulfilment without U!

Players who need to be uplifted

This kind of players is the opposite of competitive ones. They often give up easily. The letter U can help them be reminded that there are so many words with U! Learning those U words may take a long time, but it will all be worth it once they begin getting the hang of using them in Scrabble.

Players who want something short but sweet

While it definitely won’t get you a high score most of the time, knowing some really short words with U can help you if you’re in a bind. And learning these words won’t even take but a few minutes of your time. It also is worth mentioning that some of these 2-letter U words have a high scoring letter in them. Here’s the list: yu, xu, ut, us, ur, up, un, um, uh, ug, ou, nu, mu, and gu.

Although the letter U is the least used vowel, learning words with U is worth your time and effort regardless of the kind of Scrabble player you are. They can be your ultimate ticket to understanding Scrabble more and bring you closer to your utmost desire of winning more games.

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