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Words with VYou can’t spell “victory” without the letter V, but it is not the only word that has V in it. Compared to Q, X, and Z, V is more frequently used in various words. Forming words with V when playing Scrabble can be your ticket to victory, so you better begin adding more V words to your vocabulary.


The Importance of Knowing More Words with V:

• Get validated

Before playing any word that has V in it, you have to make sure that it is valid. Scrabble has rules that you need to follow, otherwise, victory may not be as near as you’d think. You can form different kinds of words with V: nouns, adjectives, adverbs, etc. For nouns, you can use both common and proper nouns, so names of people, places, companies, and the like are acceptable. Aside from playing valid moves, the sense of validity you get from playing and winning those V words is priceless.

• Having variety

Learning more words with V can also give you more moves other than the most commonly used Scrabble words or words that are easy to form. Being a person with a wide variety of vocabulary words can make you a Scrabble expert, as well as be someone who knows how to use the right words at the right time. You don’t have to limit yourself to words that begin with V or have V in them, but starting with those words can jumpstart your vocabulary expansion and make you a versatile Scrabble player.

• V is valuable

In Scrabble, V is one of the most valuable letters because it has a higher point value than vowels or more commonly used consonants. The letter V is worth four points. You probably think that it is “just” four points, but if you double or triple that, you get more points! Therefore, playing words that have V should be partnered with strategic placement of the valuable tile on a double- or triple-letter or word square. You have to make it count because there are only two V letter tiles in Scrabble, making it even more valuable. Keep in mind that you don’t even have to be the one to draw the tile from the bag in order to utilize this letter. Even if it’s your opponent who places the letter V on the board, you can still use your vast vocabulary of V words to build off on your opponent’s word.

• Become venturesome

There are many kinds of adventures and they are not only found in books or movies; you can also have word game adventures! Being adventurous means you have the willingness to take on a task or basically be a risk-taker. In Scrabble, there are times that you need to take risks and forming words with V can be a risky but rewarding move. It is risky because you do not know the letters that your opponent has, and he or she may be able to form words using your words. However, you can still be venturesome: play those words that have V, and you may easily become a veteran at winning.

• Become verbal

When learning words, it’s also a good idea to say them aloud. This will help when you start memorizing words that contain the letter V. Knowing a word is not complete without learning its pronunciation, which is important in verbal communication. Improving your verbal communication skills can assist you in making more friends, who can later on be your Scrabble buddies. The more buddies you have, the more chances for you to practice playing Scrabble and have great vocal firepower.

• Become vibrant

A colourful life involves a good balance of work and fun, and forming words that have V allows you to have a vibrant Scrabble experience. You work hard to study and memorize those words containing the letter V, and when you are able to use them in Scrabble, the fun starts! You begin to feel energized and enthusiastic, and that vibrant personality can motivate you to improve more and eventually win more Scrabble games.

• Become victorious with words with V

Ultimately, learning words that have V is your pass to becoming a victorious Scrabble player.  There are over a thousand words that begin with V, and even more words that contain it. To give you a taste, below are some V words that you might want to remember.















Why feel vulnerable when playing Scrabble, if you can valiantly defeat your opponents by simply forming words with V? Being a voracious vocabulary builder is vital if you want to be always victorious in Scrabble!

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