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Words with XThe letter X is one of the least frequently used letters in the English alphabet. Therefore, it is one of the higher scoring letters in word games like Scrabble, Words with Friends, and the like. The usual value of X in most word games is 8, so forming words with X can greatly increase your score, especially when the X is placed on a double- or triple-letter or word square. Hence, it is a good strategy to learn many words that have the letter X to gain a bit of an advantage over your opponents. Playing X words can be your solution if you want to win more word games.


Number of words with X:

Even if it is not frequently used compared to other letters like vowels, there is still a good number of words that contain the letter X. Today’s English dictionaries have around 120 words that begin with the letter X. This number is a combination of common and proper nouns like names of people, places, and even events. If you include obscure English words, the total number of words that start with X increases to 400.

The total number of words that contain the letter X, on the other hand, is a different story. Even if X less frequently used, there are actually so many words that have X in them. These words have word lengths that range from 2 to around 8 letters.


Where to find word lists:

Because of the Internet, you can easily search for words with X. There are different sites that can provide you with lists of such words.

First, you can use Scrabble finder sites.  These sites have so many word lists for each letter of the English alphabet; you simply have to input the specific letter you need and click the “Get Words!” button. Once you’ve done this, you will be presented with lists of the words that have your search letter, which in this case, is the letter X. The words are grouped according to the number of letters they have, so sorting through them is quite easy.

You can also use word builder sites. These sites allow you to enter the letters you have from your current word game, then they generate a list of words that contain the letters you have entered. Depending on the site, you can sort the generated words according to various factors. You can sort them according to the scores they result in depending on the word game you’re playing, allowing you to play the best possible words. Some sites allow you to sort through the generated words alphabetically or by their length, which is useful when considering the special boxes that carry multiplier points in the word game you’re currently playing.


Examples of Words that begin with X:

To get you started on improving your vocabulary and word game tactics, here are some examples of words that begin with the letter X:

Xi – a Greek letter

Xu – a monetary unit of Vietnam

Xyst – a roofed area where athletes trained in ancient Greece

Xebec – a Mediterranean sailing vessel

Xeric – requiring only a small amount of moisture

Xyster – a surgical instrument for scraping bones

Xanthan – a gum produced by bacterial fermentation

Xenogamy – the transfer of pollen from one plant to another

A lot of these words are proper nouns. If you’re going to use them make sure that the word game you’re playing allows the use of proper nouns, medical terms, or even obscure English words for your play to be considered valid.


Examples of words with the letter X:

Many X words in the following examples are pretty common and recognizable, so you can easily memorize them. The most common two-letter words that have X in them are “ax,” “ex,” and “ox.” You can also memorize their plurals and other forms like “axe,” “axes,” “exes,” and “oxen.” Other examples include box, fax, apex, axis, exit, flux, jinx, affix, annex, exact, reflex, unisex, cashbox, mixture, detoxify, and oxymoron.

The root words, plural forms, and other derivatives of many of the mentioned words also have the letter X in them, so they can easily fill up your growing list of words with X.


Why you should learn these words:

As mentioned earlier, X has a higher value than other letters; hence, using words with X in them can almost always guarantee better scores, particularly if you combine them with multipliers like the double- or triple-word or letter squares. In addition, knowing these words can greatly enrich your vocabulary.

Being aware of words with X in them certainly marks the spot if your goal is to increase your chances of winning more word games.

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